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Julie Davis, of Happy Catholic, has been one of my blogging heroes for many years. She’s the reason I ventured into blogging and she was my introduction to the Catholic blogosphere.

Her new book, Happy Catholic: Glimpses of God in Everyday Life, is made up of many of her favorite quotes. What makes this book worth its cover price is Davis’s take on things, which has plenty of down-to-earth wisdom and reminders that God is all around us.

Davis, as she does so often in her other pursuits, shows us that faith and life cannot be separated. That’s why you find quotes from Alice Cooper and the TV show Joan of Arcadia. It explains the quips from The Simpsons and the dialogues from various movies and novels.

This book isn’t just a good read, though it is that. It’s also the perfect devotional for the busiest person you know. It’s a great resource for the practice of finding faith right in front of your face. It’s an indispensable handbook for a moment with the God who took the time to get down and dirty by becoming one of us.

On her blog, Julie’s tagline is “Not always happy, but always happy to be Catholic.” If you’ve ever wondered why or how, then you’ll want to read this book.

Whether you’re the kind of person who loves a good quote or you’re someone who needs a different approach to reflective reading, you’re sure to find something in Happy Catholic to inspire a smile.

What makes YOU a happy Catholic? Share in the comments by midnight on Friday, April 22, and you might win your own copy of Happy Catholic!

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  1. Thinking about all of the ways I am blessed makes me a happy Catholic. Today it’s my kids.
    I’ve heard such good things about this book!

  2. Roxane B. Salonen on

    Hi there! We’re connected through Twitter – fun to see you here. I’m reading this book now and enjoying it. I also mentioned it in my post today, which should be up soon. Blessings and enjoy your Happy Catholic weekend! 🙂

  3. the tradition, orthodoxy and universality of our faith makes me a happy catholic!

    looking forward to reading this book!


  4. Anne Brewer on

    As a cradle Catholic I have always been happy in my Catholicism. Now as I age and have a family teaching my faith and the faith of my family to my boys (ages 12 yrs and 4 months) makes me a Happy Catholic. Also in participating in the sacrifice of the Mass with them makes me a Happy Catholic.

  5. Seeing my children make the sign of the cross and hearing them pray makes me a happy Catholic. (So does winning a copy of one of my favorite blogger’s new book.

  6. My wife Nancy makes me happy. She is my joy, my confidant, my advisor, my cheerleader and my only love. After 36 years and 3 children, it is still special to go to Mass with her on Sundays and be present to Jesus who has blessed us in our marriage.

  7. Knowing that I am a part of something bigger, something universal and that somewhere, someone is praying for me just as I pray for them. That makes me a happy Catholic.

  8. I am a happy Catholic because I know I can go anytime of the day or night and be with Jesus, in the Adoration chapel. And that I can share that with my children.

  9. It is really hard to single out a particular thing that makes me happy to be a catholic.Thinking again,I would just say it is MASS.Besides being a cradle catholic,by chance or better say by providence,I developed a habit of attending daily mass which I have been able to continue till date even though my life has become busier and hectic.To be more specific,nothing does it more for me than the sacred silence of consecration and being lost in wonder after receiving Holy Communion,contemplating that the God of the Universe now dwells in me.In addition to all these,I would also say happiness as a catholic also plays out in the way I see every task I do as a sweet smeeling offering to God like Abel’s,the delight I get in quietly praying the rosary while waiting at the bus-stop,uncosciously muttering a short prayer whenever I pass by a Catholic church and also the strange attention I seem to draw from my college classmates who think I am a “very weird freak”.Anyway,it is still the Mass for me:It put my whole day in an orderly perspective.Yes,the Mass is what makes me a happy catholic.

  10. I think I’d have to write a book to answer that one! I’m happy that I work in cute little St. Philomena’s book store in Emmitsburg where you stopped by and left me your email address. I’m happy that my faith allows for LOOOOOOOOOOVE forever and ever. I’m happy to be Catholic. Eternally and blissfully happy, because Catholicism was founded on love by the Definition of Love.

  11. What makes me happy is watching my Daddy God at work and how He has such of sense of humor. I love watching something unfold and its like He surprises me. Every time I think I know how things are going to play out He throws me a curve ball and a surprise twist. Gotta Love God!

  12. As weird as it might sound…reconciliation…it makes me happy to know that I can seek and find forgiveness.

  13. Great review, Sarah. I’ve heard tons of good stuff about this book and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    What makes me a very happy Catholic is that I have a Mother to pray to and to seek comfort in when I’m anxious or just throwing a child-like tantrum.

  14. Wow, how could I sum up what makes me happy to be Catholic in a quick comment box? Let me count thy ways… receiving Eucharist always makes me smile (I wish more of us could smile while walking back to the pew… sometimes you would think everyone is at a funeral, aghh!!). Having a faith to turn to during the dark times is priceless. Being able to comfort others in their difficult situations always makes me so very thankful to be Catholic. Being able to pray for my dear friend on her TEC retreat this weekend makes me so very happy (and I’m not talking, “I’ll pray for you.” I told her I’d pray TWO rosaries for her :). The fact that our faith is so concrete makes my Type A personality SING!

  15. What makes me a Happy Catholic? Belonging to the body of faithful around the world that stretches back in time to Jesus’ life. Knowing that even when my plans are in shambles that God has a greater plan for me that I cannot see or comprehend, even when I struggle against it.

  16. Among a great number of other things, sharing the faith with my CCD class and visiting the perpetual adoration chapel whenever I want (it’s almost across the street from my house!) both make me a happy Catholic.
    (So many great answers from everyone!)

  17. Being at Mass when everyday bread & wine turns into the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus makes me a Happy Catholic! God bless your Palm Sunday & Holy Week, Everyone!!!

  18. the rosary, the sacrament of reconciliation, and raising my kids in the faith make me a happy catholic!

  19. Receiving the Holy Eucharist. The mercy and grace I receive in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Knowing that God’s will is perfect. That and so much more makes me a happy Catholic and makes me happy to be Catholic.

  20. Some of the things that make me happiest to be Catholic are the Eucharist and the consistent teachings of the Church, regardless of fashion. I also love the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, stained glass windows, the book of Isaiah, celebrating saints’ feast days, the humility of the Cross, Catholic teachings on redemptive suffering and human sexuality. Beautiful, beautiful!

  21. One thing lately that has made me a happy Catholic is preparing for the sacrament of marriage. I love how excited my priest is about two Catholics marrying in the church. I love getting to know my future husband and myself under the guide of the church. I hope I can always be a Happy Catholic!

  22. Would love to win this book! Knowing that I’ve been given the fullness of the Truth through Christ’s Church makes me a happy Catholic!

  23. Being in community with those all around the world makes me happy to be Catholic among many other things!

  24. What makes me happy? My garden. Or, rather, gardening. I love to garden. I listen to podcasts–Sunday Night Live from EWTN, the soundtrack to “Jesus Christ: Superstar,” American Catholic Radio, and I just dig into the ground, plant vegetables, water them. My little girls are old enough to come outside and play while my wife and I toil in the dirt (no headphones then!) The sun shines down. I have a statue of St. Francis. This year, we are hoping to grow enough vegetables to give some to the food bank in our town. There area lot of birds.
    It’s nice.

  25. Colleen TAUKE on

    The never ending chance to learn more about the Church. I’m a Happy Catholic when I’m listening to our local Catholic Radio station AM1150 in Des Moines, Iowa and all their wonderful speakers. The fact that we who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s are so in need of ways to learn the catechism – thanks to JPII for inspiring the use of media to spread the Good News! Happy Easter everyone

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