Signs of His Presence


Hurt. Despite our best intentions. Despite treading carefully. Despite the choice of candor over avoidance. We can hurt.  Inadvertently. Carelessly. Once inflicted, not erased. No, not easily. Smudges, stains remain.

Words. Blame. Explanations, woven:  No, I don’t mean that… Wait, let me explain… But, I hope you understand that…

All of these, futile. The let’s-start-at-the-beginning-and-work-things-out resolve, oft refuted. There is no bridging; no fixing; no making the hole, whole. Unless the guidance of the Holy Spirit is requested. Begged, really.

And what to do until the Lord’s intercession is accepted? How to follow where the Holy Spirit leads? Continued prayers. For reparation. For guidance. For healing and connectedness. For oneness with the Lord.

And live a life that is honorable, that gives glory to God. Give much; expect little. Minds free from judging. Hearts free from burden.

God will salvage the charred ruins. He will redeem. In time.

Sing Him songs. Belt out hymns.

Translate His wonders into music!

Honor His holy name with Hallelujahs, ye who seek Him.

Keep your eyes open for God.

Watch for His works.

Be alert for signs of His presence.


Psalm 105:1

Copyright 2011 Christine Mooney


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Christine Mooney loves her life as a homeschooling Mom! Chris resides in NY with her lively, lovable boys, who continuously color her life. Her essays are included in Bezalel Books’ Stories for a Homeschool Heart and Joseph Karl’s God Moments 2 as well as “Mater et Magistra” magazine. Please stop in and visit her for a bit at her blog, Campfires and Cleats .

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