Daily Readings Reflection for 4/26/11


Scripture: Lectionary 262: Acts 2:36-41. Psalm 33:4-5.18-19.20.22. John

Today’s Readings

Jesus is not selfish! Even in his most intimate love for God, his Father,
he openly shares that love with his disciples at the Last Supper and now in
the Resurrection scene with Mary Magdalene he makes it even clearer that
this love is given to Mary Magdalene.  Mary Magdalene is the first to
experience the resurrected Jesus and becomes the first witness of it by
being the apostle to the  apostles.

Jesus is telling her to share her love for him and his love for her which
she is now experiencing with overwhelming joy. She is told, ” Go to my
brothers (and sisters) and tell them, ‘ I am ascending to my Father  and
your Father, to my God and to your God.”  What a remarkable revelatory
statement to her that she is able now to share in the same type of love
that Jesus has for his Father.  It goes beyond what our human hearts can
comprehend and has none of the selfishness that is reserved for those we
love and are jealous if someone else intrudes on that love. This love is
quite different and Mary has come to the point where she understands it
because she experiences it. There is no trace of jealousy, possessiveness,
and sadness that someone else shares this love.  The apostles had it
offered to them during the last evening Jesus spent with them, but it is
Mary Magdalene who opened this mystery of Jesus’ love for all of us. It is
the transcendent self-giving love called “agape”. It is a revealed love
from Truth himself, Jesus, and it is real for Mary Magdalene.

Jesus tells her, “Noli me Tangere” or do not hold on to me but go and
announce this to my disciples.  She obeys Jesus’ gentle words and goes to
the disciples and announces, “I have seen the Lord.” She has done more than
that!  She has truly loved the Lord and understood what love means for
Jesus and the Father. It will take the others– the apostles and followers
of Jesus a long time to experience this type of love.  It will take us even
a longer time to experience it, but it is what the love of God in Jesus is
all about. Mary, despite, the fact she is told not to hold on to Jesus,
does go to share her experience of this love through the Good News that
Jesus is alive. He has truly risen.  The words of Jesus, Noli me tangere,
are strong words from the Beloved but she understood that his love for her
led her to be an apostle to the apostles.  She knew the meaning of love
when it is at its best–and that is the love that Jesus wants us all to
share in.  Amen.


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