El Compromiso Evangelico: Formando la Familia de Dios á Través del Trabajo


Editor’s Note: I am very happy to share the following information on a wonderful retreat being presented by our CatholicMom.com Contributor Julie Paavola. The retreat is presented in Spanish, but we’ve included the information in English below. Julie is available to speak for your retreat or organization and can be contacted through her email address or in the comments below for additional information. LMH

El Compromiso Evangelico: Formando la Familia de Dios á Través del Trabajo

Fecha: mayo 13, 14 y 15 del año 2011

Directores:  Rev. Padre Jorge Schultze, S.J. y la Sra. Julie Paavola, M.A.

Lugar: The Jesuit Retreat Center, 300 Manressa Way, Los Altos, CA

¿Cuál es la realidad de nuestra vida actual? ¿No es el trabajo? Dedicamos gran parte de cada día al trabajo, sin embargo podemos pensar que dentro del afán de cada día, Dios esté ausente, involucrado en cosas “más importantes.”

Pero no es así. Por medio del trabajo—ya sea el empleo, el cuidando del hogar y los hijos, o el trabajo voluntario—Dios nos llama á transformar al mundo y santificarnos. Este retiro examina como llegar a Dios por medio del trabajo y la vida familiar, dándonos el reto de vivir en el amor de la Sagrada Familia.


The Gospel Challenge: Forming the Family of God Through Daily Work

Date: May 13, 14, 15, 2011

Directors: Fr. George Schultze, SJ and Ms. Julie Paavola, MA

Location: The Jesuit Retreat Center, Los Altos, CA 94022

What is the reality of our lives? Isn’t it work? We dedicate a large portion of our day to work, and yet, we may secretly believe that in the hectic pace of life, God is absent, concerned with “more important things.”

But it isn’t so. Through our work—whether it be employment, the care of our homes and children, or volunteer work—God is calling us to transform the world and become holy. This retreat examines ways to encounter God through work and family life, challenging us to live in the love of the Holy Family



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