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For Christmas, I received a gift that has totally changed my prayer life. I didn’t expect this; I thought I would use it for email and blog reading and electronic books.

As it turns out, though, my iPad has revolutionized my prayer time in a season of life that I can only call chaotic.

I use the Divine Office app for either Morning Prayer, Night Prayer, or sometimes even both. I use Notes to keep a running list of those special intentions I want to remember when I pray my morning rosary.

And my morning rosary? It might be an audio rosary thanks to Rosary Army (which isn’t an app at all—it’s more like using my iPad as a radio), or it might be iRosary, the Scriptural Rosary, or the Holy Rosary with Audio (which is the only app I’ve found so far that has audio AND visual).

Though I’d like to say I do this every morning, I only really get to it three mornings a week, but thanks to iMissal, I can reflect on the coming Sunday’s Mass readings with or without audio.

Often—at least once a month—I feel myself compelled to pray a novena for some special intention. I need look no further than iPieta or Prayer 2000+ for great selection and even ideas of which saint to entrust with my petitions.

I find myself not reading books that much on my iPad, which is how I had expected to mostly use it. Maybe that’s because my reading pile—the real books, that is—is so big right now.

For me, at lest in this season of my life, my iPad has been a blessing for my prayer life, combing my gadgetlove with a real coming closer.

Do you have an electronic way to foster your prayer life? Share your favorite apps (Apple or others) in the comments and we’ll try to round them up in a future column!

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  1. Diane Schwind on

    I have a folder called “Catholic Stuff”. It contains the Magnificat, the electronic version of the printed aid to the Mass readings and meditation, as well as the saint of the day and a few other prayers for the day. I too have the Divine Office. I would agree I have prayed in the morning and evening much more often with my Ipad. My folder also has the Douay-Rheims version of Scripture, 2 confession apps, a Mass Times directory, an app called Patron Saints which is a great tool for looking up info on a particular saint. Guadalupe Radio Network is our Catholic Radio network and they too have an app in which you can listen to all of their stations around the US on your Ipad. I also have Ave Maria Radio app. Finally in my folder of Catholic Stuff are a couple of the new Evotions, one on Blessed JP II and one on Saint Gianna Berreta Molla, in which the welcome is written by Lisa Hendy!I love how our faith is so accessible now. It makes the New Evangelization even more exciting!!

  2. I have most of what has already been mentioned here.I also have the Angelus and the Stations of the Cross from Ave Maria Press. And the 3 minute retreat from Loyola Press. I agree with Diane’s comment about our faith being more accessible.

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