Decisions of Purpose


There are times when God puts two paths in front of us.  It is for us to decide.  It could be deciding between two schools, two jobs, or two opportunities that have been placed before us.  One may lead us to greater spiritual growth, while the other seems just as good.  But how do you know which one is better?  Prayer is essential when faced with such a choice.  One may be easier, but easier isn’t always correct.  Sometimes the more faith and lack of control involved, the more one will cling to God and develop in His purpose.  God gives us the freewill to choose because of His love for us.  When we give the control back to Him by taking a leap of faith, we show our love for Him.

Covered in sinfulness, it is hard to let go of the control due to stubbornness.  The less control we have, the better.  God knows what we need and the more we look to Him for our path, the more in tune we will be to our own souls.  He has already seen our hearts and desires, and with that knowledge, He can guide us to our true purpose.  If we give up the need for control, we can use our freewill to choose as God would.  By choosing with him, He will help bring us closer to holiness.

We cannot make ourselves happy, but we can allow God to bring us joy.  Through God’s plan alone, true and utter bliss can be attained.  There is nothing on this Earth that can surpass what He can do, if we only open up our hearts and let Him in.  He is our Lover, and He strives to show us His emotions.  Every sunset, rainbow, and sunrise is for us.  They are His kisses and hugs.  Do we notice them?  The scent of a rose, the crisp ocean breeze, and the silky skin of a baby all display His love for us.  The more we see God in the little things, the easier it is to embrace Him in the bigger picture.  He knows what we need, just ask Him.  Our Lover, our Father, and our Friend is always there.

Copyright 2011 Tanya Weitzel


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