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In a few short weeks, I’m moderating a panel on blogging at the Catholic Writers Conference Live. Our very own Lisa Hendey will be on that panel, and I have a whole host of questions to ask her.

I suspect, though, that I’m not going to ask all the good questions, because I have my own lens for blogging.

I’d like to ask you, then, to chime in with the questions you’d like to ask a panel of bloggers. Since it’s a writer’s conference, I’ll be moderating according to that, but I wouldn’t mind doing a series on blogging here at, and this will give me some good ideas for what you’d like to know.

Thanks in advance for your input and ideas!

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  1. Am I allowed to ask questions? If so, here are a few: 1. How do you balance the need to share personal experience with not oversharing or disclosing potentially too personal experiences? 2. What do you do when you’ve run out of ideas? 3. With an ever increasing emphasis on social media like FB, Twitter and Google +, what is the place of blogging in the future? 4. Are blogs killing books, or giving birth to them? OK that’s enough for now…

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