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Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to share the following press release with information about Follow Me, a great resource for Catholic families looking to enjoy music together. LMH

Marilen Studios is pleased to announce the internet release of Follow Me, a CD on the life of Jesus created by Zak Zreikat for children.  Follow Me is a collection of original songs and stories based around key events in the life of Jesus as told by the Gospels.  These key events include the baptism in the Jordan River, 40 days in the desert, gathering of the apostles, performing of miracles, entering Jerusalem, the crucifixion and resurrection.

There are a number of things that children and parents will find extremely appealing with Follow Me.  Firstly, children are heavily featured singing the songs and telling the stories.  Children listening to Follow Me will find hearing other children much more enjoyable and meaningful.  Secondly, the songs are very catchy and thirdly, Zak has tastefully introduced humour into some of the tracks such as My Name is John and Miracles.

Another point to be made is the references to the Gospels.  On a number of tracks, the narration and lyrics have been drawn directly from the Gospels in particular the Gospel of Matthew (chapters 4, 5, 19 and 21).  All of the tracks have a solid grounding in the scriptures which has made Follow Me an ideal resource for Christian parents, schools and catechists.

Here is some feedback from a couple of Follow Me customers:


Follow Me is available now for download through CDBaby at



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