Catholic Book Review - A Star in the Night


A Star in the Night
by Jennifer Gladen, illustrations by KC Snider
Guardian Angel Publishing, September 2010
Paperback, 20 pages

Congratulations to our friend and contributor Jennifer Gladen on her newest book A Star in the Night. This inspiring tale was recently award the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval and is a perfect story to share with your little ones to underscore the true joy of giving. While A Star in the Night takes place one snowy Christmas Eve, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this book is only a holiday treasure.

With lovely illustrations by KC Snider capturing the warmth and inspiration of the plot, the book introduces young David who — like any other schoolchild on Christmas Eve — is counting the hours until the celebration begins. On his way home from the bakery, David encounters some new friends in need and learns the real message of the Christmas season: that in sharing our gifts with others we can find the greatest of joy. The book is available in a variety of formats including paperback and e-reader versions.

Jennifer Gladen is an accomplished children’s writer and her work with My Light Magazine shows her commitment to creating lovely resources for Catholic families. We congratulate Jennifer on receiving the Seal of Approval and thank her for giving our children another way to learn about the treasures of our faith.

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  1. With the Holiday Season just a few short months away, the new book, A Star in The Night by Jennifer Gladen will offer a wonderful alternative to Christmas gift giving. As a mom of teenagers, many of their friends that visit have no foundation of Christian faith in their lives. The Christmas and Holiday Season for them can be a time of “What do I get for me?”. Jennifer’s book is a refreshing, insightful way to give the wonderful message on what the Christmas Season is all about. Happy this new treasure of a book A Star in The Night is now out because now I know what to give! Leslie Lenko

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