Daily Scripture Reflection for 9/1/11


Scripture: lectionary 434: Colossians 1:9-14. Psalm 98:2-3.3-4.5-6. Luke

Thursday’s Readings

“The Lord has made known his salvation.” Our Psalm Response is Psalm 98:2
and it helps guide us through the readings for today which again is the
Good News of our salvation through Jesus Chirst. The epistle is leading us
up to the greatest of the Pauline Christological Hymns which will focus on
who Jesus is. The faith has to be strengthened by the apostle Paul’s
preaching (the kerygma or Good News of Jesus).

The narrative of the Gospel about the great catch of fish on the Lake of
Galilee confirms the apostle Peter in his call and then is extended to his
two co-workers, James and John, the sons of Zebedee. It is Peter who takes
the initiative to do what Jesus tells him. The catch of fish is so great
that it needs both the boat of Peter and that of the sons of Zebedee to
haul it in. It is the greatest “fish story” ever told! Peter is thoroughly
moved by the miracle that he is led to acknowledge his limits and sins This
event confirms him in his call to be an apostle. He experiences what we
learn from our Psalm Response: “The Lord has made known his salvation.”

The interaction between Jesus and the three disciples is a formative one in
which they are learning what it means to follow the Lord and to experience
his power of healing and salvation. The miraculous catch is simply a
confirmation that Jesus has such authority that extends even over nature.
The Lord will make these men “fishers of men (and women)” who will help
confirm the fact that the Lord is making known his salvation.

Paul, in the Epistle to the Colossians, is praying and forming those who
have embraced the Good News of Jesus. They are growing in their faith
commitment just as the original apostles grew in their union with Christ
and in doing the Father’s will.  We are their successors and are called to
attain the full knowledge of God’s will through perfect wisdom and
spiritual understanding or insight.  These gifts come to all believers in
Jesus through the Holy Spirit who kindles within us the fire of divine love
and total commitment. We are then, like the apostles, ready to bring the
Good News about Jesus to others. Like Peter we realize our limits and our
sinfulness but we are confident Jesus has redeemed us and saved us from our
sins. Again, the Psalm Response confirms us in our commitment for “The Lord
has made known his salvation.” We are made stronger in our faith and bolder
in our witness to Jesus. Joy is felt within us even though we experience
hardships, suffering, and oppression, We acknowledge with trust what we
know:” The Lord has made known his salvation.


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