Remembering 9/11 and Being Prepared

Today on the Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick, Brian and I discussed two important topics: preparing ourselves and our families for disasters and emergencies, and prayerfully remembering the victims of 9/11 as we commemorate the tenth anniversary of that tragic event. During the conversation, I shared several links and resources to aid you in both preparing and in remembering the 9/11 souls and families in your prayers.

Disaster Preparedness:

To help you and your children be prepared in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, check out the following resources:

  • – a terrific “one stop shopping” resource to help you prepare
  • Ready Kids – a child friendly resource with helpful printable tools to create an emergency kit and prepare emergency contact information for each member of the family
  • Does your emergency kit have a cell phone? – a recent CNN article with a variety of tech recommendations to help your family prepare for disaster readiness
  • Get Tech Ready – a “tech” checklist for getting prepared for emergencies

Prayerfully Remembering 9/11

As we prepare to commemorate Sunday’s tenth anniversary of the events of September 11, you may wish to explore the following resources personally or share them with your family:

Finally, I invite you to spend ten minutes watching this amazing video prepared by Fr. James Martin, Culture Editor for America Magazine. Fr. Jim takes us on a pilgrimage to places in New York related to September 11 and recalls his personal involvement in the moments, days and weeks following the events of 9/11.

Video Link

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