A Marian Novena of Giveaways, Day 6


Today is Day 6 of our Marian Novena of Giveaways.

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Let’s bring our vocations to God and ask for the intercession of the Blessed Mother as we celebrate her birth.

Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, O sacred Virgin;
give me strength against thine enemies,
and against the enemy of the whole human race.
Give me strength humbly to pray to thee.
Give me strength to praise thee in prayer with all my powers,
through the merits of thy most sacred nativity,
which for the entire Christian world was
a birth of joy, the hope and solace of its life.

When thou wast born, O most holy Virgin,
then was the world made light.

Happy is thy stock, holy thy root,
and blessed thy fruit, for thou alone as a virgin,
filled with the Holy Spirit,
didst merit to conceive thy God,
as a virgin to bear Thy God,
as a virgin to bring Him forth,
and after His birth to remain a virgin.

Have mercy therefore upon me a sinner,
and give me aid, O Lady, so that just as thy nativity,
glorious from the seed of Abraham,
sprung from the tribe of Juda,
illustrious from the stock of David,
didst announce joy to the entire world,
so may it fill me with true joy and cleanse me from every sin.

(mention your intentions)

Pray for me, O Virgin most prudent, that the gladsome joys of thy most helpful nativity may put a cloak over all my sins.

O holy Mother of God, flowering as the lily,
pray to thy sweet Son for me, a wretched sinner. Amen.

This novena was written by St. Anselm and is usually prayed for the nine days before the Nativity of Mary. [Source: Fish Eaters Forum]

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Remember to join us tomorrow and for the rest of our Marian Novena of Giveaways!

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your support of our special Novena and for your participation in all of the contests! We had a terrific response and appreciate your visits to the donors’ websites. I would like to give a huge vote of thanks to Sarah Reinhard for organizing this colossal effort. Winners will be notified via email this week. Thanks to all who participated! LMH


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  1. rebecca doolin on

    Oh, such lovely rosaries, I will be visiting their
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    Thank you all sponsors and Catholic Mom! Peace be with you!

  2. I love the personalized Sacred Heart Rosary! Thank you for sharing them and I hope to be able to purchase them soon. Please enter me in your contest and pray for me that God leads me into the perfect job to serve His purpose! Thank you!

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