Taking It Slowly: Toddler Led Days


The outside world seems to put expectations upon us without care of the consequences.  These expectations may be based on ones they have of themselves, or ones they think we should be following.  Priorities are the true foundation of expectations.  Where our vocation lies is where our heart is.  My vocation as a mother comes first.  There are times that I miss out on events or cannot always make it to daily mass, but I am doing what God has given me to do.  My family comes first, before activities.

It is difficult to listen to the complaints of others when I miss a great sale at the grocery store, or neglected to make it to the free giveaway event, because I decided Linus and I needed some quality time to relax.  There will be plenty of years for him in the future to rush around, so now is the time to take it easy.  I find plenty of fun things for us to do, including visiting the animals at local farms and fairs.  I almost have grown accustomed to the freeing feeling of throwing away a coupon that ran out.  Spending time at home with my family is more important than living at the grocery stores just to save a few dollars.  The time it takes to cut the coupons out, write a list, and do the actual shopping is not worth it.

I only have a few years with Linus before sending him out into this world.  Enjoying this unstructured time with him is such a blessing.  The extra hugs and kisses are so rewarding.  There are even mornings when he tells me he would rather stay home and watch movies with me.  As hard as nursing a toddler is at times due to the biting and hitting, I get to have plenty of snuggling time that I would otherwise be missing.  It is sad to see him grow, but the slower we take each day, the more we enjoy one another.  The vocation of motherhood never ends, but the early years are so crucial and go by way too fast.  I plan on enjoying them while I can, and I hope you do too.

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  1. I can relate. Especially to missing out on all the great coupons. We have double coupon Wednesdays around here and I could save lots. But, it takes up so much time!

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