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Editor’s Note: You may or may not realize it, but Sarah Reinhard, who’s had a weekly spot here at on Fridays for a while, is hopelessly smitten with gadgets and tech-related stuff. So on Tuesdays, she’ll be sharing “Tech Talk” with us, which will start with a series of app reviews and turn into…we don’t know yet. If you have something you want her to review, feel free to email her. LMH

Since you might be trying your hand at the rosary this month in observance of October being the month of the rosary, here are my favorite three rosary apps for my husband’s iPod Touch and my iPad.

By Opicury Software


This is the rosary app that got my husband praying the rosary, and so it will always top my list of rosary apps. It also warmed me to using our electronic devices as prayer books, first thing in the morning. Though there are days when I do clutch an actual rosary, this is the next best thing. It lets you customize your beads. There’s beautiful artwork associated with each mystery and it works flawlessly every time. It also includes the Divine Mercy Chaplet and a few other things that, honestly, I’ve never explored. A bit on the pricey side for an app, but well worth it.

Scriptural Rosary
By Valent Richie


I have a soft spot for the scriptural rosary and have yet to find the “perfect” app for praying it. This particular app has been updated and improved since I first downloaded it, and I like it quite a bit better. Right now, as far as I know, it’s the only rosary app available. I’m pretty happy with it, truth be told, and I think the developer’s open to suggestions—and I’ve already seen some! I especially like the paintings and artwork that help me reflect on the mysteries throughout each decade.

Rosary Miracle Prayer
By Pauline Books & Media

I love the work of the Daughters of St. Paul, and with this rosary app, they’ve done what they do so well. They have taken the rosary from a static prayer into a community event. This app is unlike anything else I have in my rosary app collection. You can personalize your experience, from the art you see to the intentions you want to focus on. This app has audio, and instead of giving you beads to move (or a screen to move between), you get five different images. You can also email from the prayer screen, if someone comes to mind and you want to share with them.

What’s YOUR favorite rosary app? Recommend away in the comments!


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    • Peony, I’m happy to check out other resources and such. Do you have specific ideas in mind? Do you want things that don’t require a phone or device (i.e., iPad or device like that), such as websites?

  1. Here is my favorite Rosary App.Its called Virtual Rosary Its for your desktop. You can go to the website and add your Prayer intentions I love using this knowing that people are praying for me from all over. Virtual Rosary is free and they say it will stay that way. Here is where to get it.

  2. My all time favorite is the Rosary miracle prayer. I love everything about it — the voices, the cadence, the reflections. I’m hoping for a Divine Mercy chaplet from the same folks.

  3. Leslie Lenko on

    With consideration of “Rosary Apps”, I have to say that one does not need to spend the money or time to get the App. There is an exceptional Rosary link for “Free” that thousands have discovered and show cases beautiful film clips of each Mystery. In fact and entire on-line prayer group was established during Lent that tries to daily pray it. Anyone can log on at any time day or night at You will be amazed! Leslie Lenko

  4. I also have an android phone, I just downloaded a few of the free rosary, prayer, catholic types of apps but haven’t had a lot of time to use them yet. So far my favorite is called Catholic One.

  5. Not an exclusively Rosary app, but awesome nonetheless: iCatholicRadio app, for iPhone and Android. Live streaming of a WONDERFUL Catholic Radio station located in Western New York.

  6. If you want to create your own virtual rosary I’d recommend Sadlier’s Daily Rosary. It has beautiful graphics and audio. Also switches to spanish if that’s your preference. Oh yeah, for iPhone/iPad users only.

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  8. Does anyone have a scripture rosary app geared towards children? I use the scripture rosary app but am looking for something to use in religion class with 5th. & 6th graders.

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