Forever Made


We are not made for this life,
but something more eternal.
A life with God worth waiting for
and living now with Him.

Blessings in disguise
seem to pass us by.
He is with us now,
just stop and look around.

The colors of the leaves
as they float to the ground.
The squirrels running up the trees
and the birds singing with pride.

He is always here,
but the world of eternal life awaits us.
Live in Him and with His love
and this life will look so much brighter.

Copyright 2011 Tanya Weitzel


About Author

I am Tanya Weitzel, a young married Catholic with a supporting husband and an adorable little boy. My hobbies consist of walking, reading, cooking, and writing. Organizing is a new hobby I am growing into. I enjoy a good cup of coffee with time for reflection. God can be found in all instances, and I enjoy meditating on the everyday ways he connects with us. My blog can be found at It has poems, songs, and reflections that are written from a Catholic and spiritual point of view. My family life is also a big part of my blog as are my days as a stay-at-home mom. I enjoy taking care of my family and learning more about the Catholic faith.

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