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  1. What a refreshing interview! Thomas’s role should set a precedent for more parishes across the country. All of us new media enthusiasts should point to him and say, “this is what we’re hoping for!”

  2. Brandon, thanks for your comment. What I loved about Thomas’ remarks is that he doesn’t just see himself as the parish’s “tech guy” but rather a resource for helping move the parish and those they serve into this new way of communicating and seeing the world around them. I think our parishes need a wonderful presence in many places online, but we also need to be educating parents and children on how to soulfully use these tools. I’m praying for Thomas and hoping that others like him will be in place very soon in parishes around the country.

  3. Yes! That reminds me of this quote from Pope Benedict from his 41st WCD message:

    “The relationship of children, media, and education can be considered from two perspectives: the formation of children by the media; and the formation of children to respond appropriately to the media………Educating children to be discriminating in their use of the media is a responsibility of parents, Church, and school.”

    • Wow Brandon, do you have WCD #41 memorized??! LOL — that is a fantastic quote! Don’t you just love how this Pope “gets” so much about these tools and their faithful use?

  4. No, I just gave a talk on “Your Family and Cyberspace” where I quoted that section, explaining how parents, schools, and parishes are three legs of the media stool. Without any one group, the whole effort collapses. We need all three groups to pull their weight when it comes to forming our children to use media well.

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