Praying for Priests with a Great Resource


I just love an audio rosary and I’m in a season (again) where I’m trying out different audio rosaries. Thanks to the fine folks at Aquinas & More, through their Tiber River Reviewer Program, I received a copy of In Memory of Me: A Rosary for the Intercession of Priests.

There are a few things I just love about this product.

I love that the intention of this rosary is for priests. Our priests need prayer now more than ever, and who better to turn to than Mary as we journey through the mysteries of her Son’s life?

The production is beautiful and done well. There’s background music, but it’s not distracting. I wish it was tracked, because I’m a do-it-a-bit-at-a-time rosary gal at times, but I can forgive them that for the beauty within it.

Highly recommended on all counts, this is a lovely way to pray a rosary and a wonderful way to pray for priests.

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