Coming Off Antidepressants


Most doctors are completely ignorant as to the withdrawal effects of Paroxetine (not that that ever stops them from prescribing these pills as if they were as harmless as Tic-Tacs). My doctor told me, “The great thing about Paxil is that you can stop taking it cold turkey.” It doesn’t get any more ignorant than that.”

Coming Off Antidepressants (Weaning From Paxil: A Reader Shares Her Story)


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  1. I wish you wouldn’t demonize an entire class of drugs just because some doctors don’t bother to keep up with research. Was the point of this article–
    –it’s hard to get off antidepressants
    –doctors are ignorant
    –people who take antidepressants are victims of ignorant doctors and greedy pharmaceutical companies?
    Looks like you hit all of the above points.
    It would have been a lot more helpful if you had offered coping strategies or questions to ask your doctor or pharmacist if you find yourself in the situation of weaning off an SSRI.

    And until you have walked in the shoes of someone who needs to take it, it’s important to be careful when you discuss medications that affect people’s moods. There’s enough of a stigma attached to depression/anxiety disorder without demonizing the medication that helps people who have these disorders function.

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