Daily Scriptures Reflection for 11/12/11


Scripture: Lectionary.  Wisdom 19:14-16; 19:6-9.  Psalm 105:2-3,36-37,
42-43. Luke 18:1-8

Saturday’s Readings

With Advent approaching we leave the Book of Wisdom this day and will turn
to the Maccabees next Monday.  Our last reflections from Wisdom help us to
thank God for the great event of the Exodus and the marvels God has done
for the Chosen People.  They will be led by God into the Promised Land and
some 1200 years later the Mother of Jesus, the Seat of Wisdom, will give
birth to Jesus who is for us Christians, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
We have seen how Jesus and Mary are Wisdom persons as we listened to our
readings from the Book of Wisdom.

An important verse for today’s Wisdom reading is: “for all creation, in its
several kinds was being made over anew, serving its natural laws, that your
children might be preserved unharmed.” Such was the effect on the people of
Israel giving them their freedom and their hope to live in their own land.
Psalm 105 is a praise psalm that recalls and thanks God for the marvels of
the Exodus and the other miracle done in the desert.

Then in the Gospel, Jesus continues his wisdom through another parable
addressed to his disciples.  He starts off by telling them (and us): “Pray
always and do not lose heart.”  Then he begins his parable about the
unrighteous judge and the persistent woman who needs his legal advice.  She
persists that he gives in so that he might return to his own peaceful
realm.   Jesus then helps us draw the conclusion that God who is perfect in
righteousness and is the supreme judge will help us if we are persistent in
our prayer and if we do not lose heart.  Jesus assures us, “Will not God
then do justice to his chosen ones who call out to him night and day?” He
promises us “swift justice” and hope.  We need only to have absolute trust
in him and his promises.  His words are full of wisdom and totally
truthful.  So be it this day. Amen.


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