Catholic Book Interview: A Special Mother is Born by Leticia Velasquez


Those children with special needs are a gift from God.  In the new book by Catholic writer, Leticia Velasquez, called A Special Mother is Born, Leticia shares stories from Catholic parents as they tell how God has called them to the extraordinary vocation of parenting a special needs child.

In Episode #27 of the Special Chronicles Podcast, Dan featured an awesome inspiring interview with Leticia Velasquez, the author of the new book called A Special Mother is Born: Parents share how God called them to the extraordinary vocation of parenting a special needs child.  Leticia shares with us how she first came  up with the idea to write the book; how she came up with the title, A Special Mother is Born; what the book is about; why she decided to write the book; what the process was like to write and edit together all the contributors of this book; her inspiration for writing the book; how God has called her to the  extraordinary vocation of  parenting a special needs child; what readers and you the listener can look forward to about the book; what readers can learn from this book; Leticia share with us about her organization called K.I.D.S. (Keep Infants with Down Syndrome) and why she co-founded this and the importance of its mission; where listeners can find Leticia online as well as more information about the book and where you can purchase the book. You can listen to the interview at or in iTunes.

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Daniel Smrokowski is a December 2012 graduate from Roosevelt University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. He is the Founder and Executive Director of, and the podcaster and blogger for the Special Chronicles and the RUInspired podcasts. He is a young journalist who was the recipient of the 2012 Matthew Freeman Award for Social Justice for his continuing efforts via media and reporting to give people with disabilities a voice. Through his work as a Podcaster, Blogger, Journalist, Public Speaker, Multimedia specialist, radio show host, and Award Winning Special Olympian, he enjoys spreading the message to respect others, like himself, who were diagnosed with the "disability" label.

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