The Acrobutt Plays Twister


Have you seen the commercial for the new Huggies diapers?  Where they show the different types of squirming babies?   I have an acrobutt.  She likes to play twister.  In bed.  While nursing.

She starts out nursing.  Then she gets restless and starts inching her little butt in the air.  I think somewhere someone has a twister spinner because the limbs start finding weird places.   I can totally see it:

Okay, right hand blue. Got it!  Left foot yellow. Grunts. Okay got it. Right foot green?  I’ll try it…oooof.  I flipped a complete somersault. Hey, I’m still on the breast. Yes!”

I don’t know about your kids but mine can be dangling over a cliff and still be latched on.  After I flop her on her butt/side three times, she pops off.  POP!  Oh, yeah.  No gentle delatching going on in this house.  Sitting up with a glint in her eyes and the cutest smile ever she asks, “da?”.

And I sit up and proceed to tickle the little stinker who is, by this point, giggling madly about her silliness.

During this month of Thanksgiving, I try harder to push aside my selfish and cranky thoughts. Instead, I Thank God.  I thank God for baby feet and giggles.  I thank God for the wonderful man I married who provides for us so that I may stay home with them.  I thank God for his perfect plan of sustenance, bonding and service to our babies.  And I thank God for gifts so numerous I don’t even know where to begin.

How about you?  What are you most thankful for this holiday season?

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  1. Definitely a good reminder to be thankful for that acrobatic nurser – I’m in the same position. It’s probably a better idea for me to thank God for the baby who decides that 6 AM is the time to wake up (and begins loudly clapping and humming while nursing to let me know) than it is to feel cranky about it all day long! And that change in attitude makes all the difference – this definitely brightened my day :)

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