Holding His Hand


The hand a boy holds guides a boy for a lifetime.

That hand can be callous and cold teaching the boy hard work and discipline.

That hand can be strong and gentle teaching the boy that strength and kindness are possible together.

That hold on his hand can be firm and commanding teaching the boy that intimidation and power are important.

That hold can be strong but loose enough to let go teaching the boy security but openness to let him grow on his own.

That man can be mean and demanding teaching the boy to be mean and demanding as an adult.

That man can be loving and understanding teaching the boy to be loving and understanding as an adult.

That man, that dad, that father figure will teach that boy by example every day of his life to be the man he will one day become. One day that little boy will hold the hand of his little boy and the cycle will continue.

How are you holding your son’s hand today? Because that is how he will hold your grandson’s hand tomorrow.

The hand the boy holds guides him for a lifetime.

Copyright 2011 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp


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Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp is a mother of four children and is married to the love of her life, Aaron. Lori has been writing at her own website Faith Filled Mom. She writes about the journey of faith we live daily and how we can recognize God in this world. She teaches theology at a high school level and is also a current student of Loyola University Extension Program of Ministry earning a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. Her life is busy, exciting, overwhelming at times but always bursting with her faith in God. Lori hopes that you will find something that might touch your heart in her writing so that she can continue to pursue her purpose in life; to bring people closer to God one word, one moment at a time.

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