Young at Heart


In his writings on “Homemaking”, Mr. J.R. Miller explains that in heaven, the oldest angels are the youngest.

This, he writes, is also how it is meant to be in the blessed and earthly home of a family.

Though our bodies must age; the gray hair comes, the wrinkles form, the bones begin to ache a little; our spirits should be reaching ever-toward youthfulness.

We, all of us, have heard the expression, “to be young at heart”.

Thus, just as in heaven, the eldest members of the family in the home, should be the most youthful; at heart.

Is the atmosphere in your home one where children feel comfortable and able to “just be children”?

Or, have you, like so many others, (whether knowingly or not) repressed the “youthfulness” in the child by allowing the burdens of life and the struggles of adulthood to “dim your heart” and lay heavy upon your shoulders?

While I do not advocate allowing children to “act as senseless fools”, I do believe that most American families could stand to “turn back time” a bit…when things were more relaxed, less hurried, and perhaps more innocent and pure…a time when children could be children and delight in the simplest and most ordinary moments of their days…and, more importantly, a time when adults could do the same.

The longer we live, and (hopefully) the closer we grow toward Christ, the more joy and mor eenergy we should have “at heart”. Again, there is nothing we can do to stop the physical aging of our bodies…but we needn’t let our souls follow suit!!!

Parents need to lead the way to youthfulness for their children! God’s design and ways are beautiful for He gives us children in order to keep us young! Think of it…don’t you automatically feel brighter, a little more spry, and more youthful as soon as you lay eyes upon a giggling, bustling, toddler?

Our vocation as Christians calls us to a certain solemn attitude; this is true. But within that “seriousness” lies a treasure trove of joy that should, if we are living out our calling in the way God intends, give us a real zeal for life

It’s all-too-easy to shrug the children off when we are busy worrying and contemplating how we are going to make it to the next paycheck, or how we are going to find new employment when someone is laid off…or what we are going to do about a troubled teen, or how we are going to pay the medical bills of someone who is seriously ill.

When the kids get a little noisy, or start dancing around you like a May-pole … do you embrace the moment and join in their youthfulness? Or, do you “shush” them and send them off to play elsewhere?

The oldest angels in heaven are the youngest.

Let us try to be the same here on earth. Let’s not turn into cynics or pessimists or grumps.

Though one need only turn on a television or read a front page to learn of the abundant suffering in the world…we do not have to allow this to “squelch” our joy and our youthfulness.

Jesus instructed us to become as little children in order to enter His kingdom.

We can begin today…at home…with our own families.

Do you smile often? Do you stop and listen to your Little Ones? Do you get down on the floor to push matchbox cars around or play “Fairies”? Do you take some cracker crumbs out to an ant hill…just to watch? Do you sing? (It really doesn’t matter if you’re tone deaf, you know!) Do you color?

Do you dance? Do you lie down on the grass and watch the clouds roll by? Do you search for pictures in those clouds? Do you eat candy now and then?

Get in touch with the child in your heart and give yourself permission to grow more youthful as you grow older!

You’ll be blessed!

The Bible tells us that Christians are to be known by their joy.
Surely, a youthful heart exemplifies a joyful heart!

Copyright 2012 Judy Dudich


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