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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and do you know what you’re going to get for your husband? Valentine’s Day is important and what you choose for your husband is important as well. Consider that typically your children and your friends are going to know what you got for your husband. Therefore, what you choose for your husband not only speaks to him but speaks to others as well. Therefore, giving a heartfelt Catholic gift could be the perfect gift for your husband this Valentine’s Day. I am going to review just a few Catholic gifts for him which could be perfect for him in both showing your love for him and encouraging/challenging him to grow in body, mind, and spirit.

Love & Responsibility by: Karol Wojtyla (Blessed Pope John Paul II)

Love & Responsibility is one of the many fantastic Catholic gifts for him who enjoys picking up a good book. This book was written by Blessed Pope John Paul II before he became pope. This book examines sexual morality, family life, and the full purpose of marriage through the eyes of typical, human experience, examined by reason and logic. This shows the brilliant philosopher that Blessed Pope John Paul II was as he presents a book which delves into the beauty of marriage and family with eloquence. Catholic gifts for him should portray the importance of love, marriage, and family

“For God So Loved the World” Painting

“For God So Loved the World” is one of the Catholic gifts for him who enjoys powerful and life-changing art. This attention-grabbing image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an old masterpiece by an unknown artist. This painting, according to Fr. Benedict Groeschel, “tells more about our Lord’s care for us in sorrow than any words can do.” For the husband who enjoys catholic art, art in general, or has some bare walls in the office, this could be one of the perfect Catholic gifts for him this Valentine’s Day.

Men’s Rosary

A men’s rosary is the perfect rosary for those men who love praying the rosary or would like to pray the rosary more often. Men’s rosaries are typically made with brown beads and have a good, desirable weight to them. Husbands who love the Blessed Mother and love the rosary will also enjoy an elegant men’s rosary. A men’s rosary could make a great gift for your spouse this Valentine’s Day.

Knight’s of Columbus Bamboo Grilling Tools

If your husband is a Knight of Columbus and a grill master then this gift is calling your name. These tools are made of both stainless steel and bamboo wood and they come in a very nice bamboo case. The Bamboo case can also be personalized with your husband’s name or Council number or something else. Your husband is certain to make good use of these tools and provide great food on the grill for your family.

St. Michael Statue

One of the most popular gifts for husbands and fathers is a St. Michael statue. St. Michael statues typically represent St. Michael triumphing in battle over Satan at his feet. This statue might make a great addition to your husbands workplace or in your home. The St. Michael statue has been loved by catholic men for years and your husband is sure to be marveled by it as well.

These are just a few ideas of what Catholic gifts for him are perfect for this Valentine’s Day. Remember that your gift speaks volumes not just your husband but many others. Have a great Valentine’s Day which is ultimately about you, your husband, and the love that you share together.

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  1. Angela Sealana on

    My hubby doesn’t do V-Day, which is a bummer for me. I’m thinking of just buying some ice cream for us to share, or baking something sweet.

    • Angela, we started a fun tradition in our home after suffering from “Valentine’s Day fatigue” — we do “Chocolate breakfast”. It takes the pressure off of buying stuff we don’t need, starts our day together, and makes it different from any other day. Some years I get more elaborate with cooking, but it can be as simple as hot chocolate and a muffin, but ALWAYS with good dishes and candlelight, which is something that makes it different and special. I like Valentine’s day as a great reminder to share how much I love my family… but in many ways I agree with your hubby that it gets overdone…

      • I agree with both comments above…we’ve never really “celebrated” St. Valentine’s Day because it’s turned into such a commercialized holiday. I wanted to do something special for my hubby this year, so I’m going to start (on Feb 1) by giving him a custom valentine each morning. I found some really beautiful bible versus about love and included them, one for each day. For me, this incorporates the love of above with the love I have for my hubby….and it’s a great way to celebrate no cost, too 🙂 I’m not very creative at hand-drawn things, so I did it using several MS Applications – and I’m more than willing to share the result if you’d like to try! (I know I’m going to try your chocolate idea – yum!!) Feel free to download if you’d like:

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