Transformed by Prayer

When Jesus prayed, his clothes became dazzling. In some translations, we are told that his clothing was “as bright as a flash of lightning.”

When I think of the shimmering savior, thoughts of my friend Cynde come to mind. At 56 years of age, she stands about 4 foot 6. With Lupus and Leukemia, every bone in her body is brittle. She could break a rib by simply turning in her bed at night.

Despite her physical limitations, she spends her days reading the scriptures and praying. When I visit her, I am greeted by the radiance of her smile. Her wisdom brings warmth to my life. “My purpose in life is to pray for others” she often says


Like Jesus, Cynde’s life has been transformed by prayer. In Christ, she knows what she is called to do and be.

Today, spend some time praying. Find your purpose. Be dazzled by the light of Christ.


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During these weeks of Lent, ponder the brightness of Christ.   When you pray, place a lit candle before you.  Let the beaming presence of Jesus dispel the darkness of all your fears and uncertainties.  Trust that you are being led by the light of the world.    

Copyright 2012 Nancy Jo Sullivan

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