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Editor’s note: That this article should have been scheduled for today is one of those “eery coincidence” moments that seem to happen around here at I have been in conversation with blogger Jennifer Schafer, founder of, since December about how we might share her work with our readers here at  A visit to her blog and the letter she shares below will let you know that she is a woman on a mission, to save not only her own son, but others like him who face so many of the pressures presented by a society seemingly gone crazy. I have a heart for moms like Jennifer, since I am in the thick of raising my own teen and pray daily for the grace to lead him (or perhaps to simply walk alongside him) — intact — into his future. On a week like this one where we buried three teens as the result of senseless violence, the fight for our children’s future seems critical and daunting. I thank Jennifer Schafer for her words here, and for the work she is doing at, but more importantly in her own home. Please keep her family in your prayers and add her website to your favorites, and please join me in praying for all of God’s children. LMH

I am just a mom trying to safely navigate my teenager through these treacherous years.

Teenagers are up against a monster…Today’s Society. Specifically I’m talking about drugs, alcohol, the media, peer pressure and decisions made by other parents.

In September, we sent our 16 year old son, kicking and screaming, to a military school. This came as a surprise to him as one day he was sitting in his Catholic high school, and the next day he was meeting his new fellow cadets.

This has not been easy for any of us, but the sleepless nights that followed my long, silent drive back home after leaving him in someone else’s hands, were unbearable. So I started to write.

Initially, my words were meant for my sister and other family members, but luckily others have found it. I’ve been writing about this journey as honestly as I possibly can, and now I think I’m over the “What will people think?” phase.

Prayer, talks with girlfriends, support from his Catholic grade school community, strangers, and strength from my wonderful faith-filled family are all working together to create the best “village” a mom could pray for to help her child grow up to be a good Catholic man.

He’s going to make it – I’ll make sure of it.

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