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Confirmation is one of the sacraments of initiation into the Catholic Church. Typically those being confirmed are given gifts by friends and family in congratulations of being sealed with the Holy Spirit and entering into the Church as an adult. Many seem to wonder what constitutes an important gift for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Many want to get the confirmand something they will remember which will enrich their spiritual lives and assist them on their journey as a Catholic man or woman. Traditions exist for many different gifts such as jewelry, Bibles, books, rosaries, crosses, and  patron saint medals. But how do you know what to get your loved one for confirmation out of all of these options? Hopefully this breakdown will help you make the perfect choice for your loved one.

Catholic Jewelry

Catholic Jewelry  is a great gift to give your loved one as it usually very beautiful and a constant reminder of their Catholic Faith. For example, the Four-way Holy Spirit Medal is a popular jewelry piece for confirmandi as it reminds them of the Holy Spirit’s new role and involvement in their lives. Another great piece of jewelry to consider is the Gift’s of the Holy Spirit Bracelet which reminds the confirmed of those precious gifts which the Holy Spirit offers us each and every day. Jewelry isn’t appropriate for all those confirmed but if you have a loved one whom loves to wear jewelry and takes the jewelry he or she wears very seriously then it could be the perfect gift. Religious jewelry is a great way to help keep one’s mind on God.

Confirmation Bibles

Confirmation Bibles are a fantastic gift for a loved one who is a great need of a Study Bible.  They differ from standard Bibles in that they come with biographies on saints, answers to frequently asked questions by teens, common prayers, and explanations on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A Confirmation Bible will help your loved one to dive into the Bible like never before and possibly bring about a life of new scripture study. The Confirmation Bible is a precious gift for those being confirmed who have yet to begin to study the Bible or who already love it dearly.

Confirmation Books

Hundreds of excellent books have been written that are well-recommended for the newly confirmed. Choosing the right one all depends on your loved one’s needs. Maybe he or she needs a popular teen catechism or an easy to read explanation of the mass. Or perhaps your loved one needs a Catholic prayer book  in order to renew his or her prayer life. Either way the number of confirmation books for confirmandi is extensive and if your loved one enjoys reading and would love to learn more about the Faith then their might be no greater gift.

Confirmation Patron Saint Medals and Statues

Confirmation Patron Saint Medals and Statues are special gifts that will remind them of their confirmation patron saint and the lives they lived. Saints are a constant reminder of our call to holiness and they generously intercede on our behalf. Patron saint medals and statues have a long tradition in the Church and if your loved one is especially fond of their patron saint then it might be one of the most cherished gifts they could receive to either proudly bear the medal or honor the statue of a holy saint. Many Patron Saint statues and medals are well-crafted so as to be stunningly beautiful and detailed.

Confirmation Rosaries

The Rosary is one of the most popular devotions to the Blessed Mother and is a powerful prayer. A rosary can be the perfect inspiration to boost one’s prayer life with a strong devotion to the Virgin Mary. Confirmation rosaries are typically red in remembrance of Pentecost and the descent of the Holy Spirit and feature an image of a dove as well. If your loved one is in need of a prayer life with devotion to the Mother of God or needs something tangible to help inspire their prayer life then a rosary could be a vital and practical gift.

Confirmation Crosses

A Catholic Cross could be just the right gift for your confirmed loved one. Confirmation Crosses exist in a variety of designs and styles which allows you to choose the perfect one for your loved one. They are a great keepsake that can hang on their wall or rest on their desk for the rest of their lives. Hopefully the Cross will be travel with them and be a constant reminder of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us.

These are some of the most popular Confirmation gifts out there and I hope you enjoyed this guide. Better yet, I hope it helped you chose the right gift for your loved one. My younger cousin was recently confirmed and the task of choosing the right gift initially seemed impossible but after some planning and consideration I think I nailed it! She seemed absolutely delighted to receive her very own adult bible personalized with her name. I thought I would pass on how I approached the challenge onto you as well.

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  1. “are a fantastic gift for a loved one whom is a great need of” That should be ‘who.’
    “possibly bring about a life of new scriptural study” That should be ‘scripture.’
    “in remembrance of Pentecost and the decent of the Holy Spirit” That should be ‘descent.’
    “The Confirmation Bible is a precious gift for those being confirmed whom have yet to begin to study the Bible or whom already love it dearly.” That should be ‘who’ – both times.
    “Choosing the right one all depends on your loved one needs” That should be ‘loved one’s needs.’
    “or an easy to read explanation of the mass” That should be ‘easy-to-read’ and ‘Mass.”
    “adult bible personalized with her name” Capitalize ‘Bible.’
    “I thought I would pass on how I approached the challenge onto you as well.” Using ‘on’ and ‘onto’ here is redundant.

    And we won’t even talk about the number of times the singular (your loved one) is followed by plural pronouns (them, their). Then there are the split infinitives and such mind-bending gems as “if your love one is in need of a prayer life” – what? You’re going to tell us we can buy one of those from the company you work for, too?

    Hint: Go to a community college and take basic English classes and then come back and try to be a writer. This is so badly written that the language is too distracting to find any information in it.

    Ah, reading the bio, it makes sense: an infomercial by a company shill, not an article by a person who can write. I could get this information without the bad writing just by googling ‘confirmation gifts’ and reading ad copy (probably better written) myself. Very annoying. Sorry I clicked on it.

  2. Lisa,

    I love this article. It was written from the heart, and your ideas and suggestions are wonderful. God bless you.

  3. Kathleen Wellman on

    Stella, you are very right. The grammatical errors are inexcusable and I will proofread better in the future.
    Annie, I appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much.

  4. Good ideas, but jewelry is a very poor term for the aforementioned Catholic articles. They are sacramentals.

  5. Mary Irving on

    Since usually people who are confirmed receive many rosaries, bibles and jewely, I suggest soemthing different. I am paying for my great nephew to attend a Franciscan University workshop. There are workshops for teens and adults – all of which can and should increase one’s knowlege and fervor in professing the catholic faith. What better gift is there?

  6. May I suggest a Youcat, it’s the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church and will help young people to discover more about the teachings of the Church in an easy to read way.

  7. Another idea would be music. There are several Catholic recording artists that have awesome music. My favorite is Matt Maher… I think younger people would really enjoy this.

  8. The grammatical errors are inexcusable

    Well, I excuse you anyway. I even excuse you for making such a needless apology. And while we’re at it, I also excuse Stella for such rudeness.

    A correction though, rather, more in the nature of a clarification — Confirmation is not about “entering into the Church as an adult,” nor is it a “once-in-a-lifetime occasion,” and it really is not so much about “their journey as a Catholic.”

    True, one can receive the Sacrament only once, but it is an every day sacrament. That is, the graces one receives are intended to be used each and every day. Unfortunately, too many people get confirmed and leave their Confirmation back in their teenage years.

    And it is not about “entering the Church as an adult,” although it is about being an adult in the Church. That is, it is about no longer being a mere passive member of the Church, but becoming an active participant in the mission of the Church to be a witness for Christ and light of truth to the world, and thereby help Him in the work of salvation. (Acts 1:8) Whereas in Baptism we are concerned with getting ourselves into heaven, Confirmation is about us helping other people get to heaven — it is about inviting others to join us on our journey as a Catholic.

    Especially in this year of the New Evangelization, it is important to remember that the word “confirm” is from the Latin meaning, “to be made firm with,” “to be strengthened with.” To be made firm with what? To be made firm with the power of the Holy Spirit (the same power that created the universe, that gave us life, and that will raise us from the dead — a pretty important power, huh?). And why be made firm with the power of the Holy Spirit? Why does Jesus send us this power? To help us to be a WITNESS for Christ, to help us help Him.

    So, what is an appropriate gift? Anything that will help the newly confirmed accomplish the mission. Anything that will help him or her have enough knowledge of the Faith to be able to verbally be a witness, to give testimony of the Good News, and anything that will help him or her to be a witness in action, loving others in truth and allowing others to see Jesus in the things they do.

    This is not an easy mission, helping Jesus in the work of salvation. So we need such witnesses every day.

    In doing this, one need concern herself less with trifling technicalities or legalisms, and simply have the love and truth of Christ in our hearts. Some of the best saints and witnesses for Jesus were dumb as posts intellectually, but absolutely brilliant where it really counts, in the heart.

  9. Hi Kathleen:

    I applaud your humility in the face of uncharitable comments. God bless you for faithfully witnessing to us how to love our enemies. As Jesus said, it’s easy to love those who are kind / good to us. You show great humility.

    Your posting is timely and very much appreciated as my two children are being Confirmed in the Extraordinary Rite this June.

    I’ve always thought of Confirmation as our “commissioning” in the army of Christ… to be full-fledged members of the Church “Militant”. To me Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV, Dr. Scott Hahn and Fr. Z (, Mother Angelica and Sen and Mrs. Rich Santorum are just a few examples of great, contemporary charitable militant Catholics. I’m sure we all know many who daily live out their vocations in quiet humility (much as our Lord did for his first 30 years).

    Please keep posting. My family and I recently watched an Ignatius Press movie on St. Bernadette of Lourdes. She referred to herself, in great humility, as an “ignoramus” and a “good-for-nothing”. Yet I’ve heard that she made the most perfect “Sign-of-the-Cross” that you’ve ever seen… which is very believable considering who taught her! Please don’t let a few rhetorical “corrections” hinder you from proclaiming God’s love for His creatures.

    God Bless (and my family will keep you in our prayers),

    Michael / Boston

  10. When I see an article filled with mistakes, I sent an email to the writer, either pointing out the mistakes to them so they can be corrected without embarrassment, or I offer to correct the article myself. They invariable respond with appreciation.

  11. I am a teacher and to my wonderful surprise one of my students asked me to be his Confirmation sponsor this year. Unfortunately Confirmation will now be one of many days that reminds me that he is no longer here with us. You see my student, Myrel, died after holding on for a month, as a result of a car accident. He had already chosen St. Sebastian, appropriate, not only because he is an amazing wrestler, but also because of the fact that he was revived at the scene only to die a month later. I am going to give his family St. Sebastian medals for Confirmation. Please keep his Confirmation class in your prayers…

    • Julie,

      I hope I don’t get crushed if I misspell a word.

      My heart and prayers go out to Myrel, his loved ones, and you.


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  13. mary Gonzales on

    Although this is a few years old i can’t help but comment on people’s need to correct others…we all understood what was meant and if we didn’t, maybe we are the ones who need work….i came believe how rude and petty some people can be…

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