Catholic Pinterest Board of the Week: Meatless Fridays


Meatless Fridays Pinterest Board by Peter&PaulMinistries

Like many of our readers, I’ve become slightly fascinated by the possibilities of Pinterest. Our friend and intrepid app reviewer Sarah Reinhard seems to have the iPad/iPhone beat covered, so I’ve decided to shift my weekly tech column to a look at what’s up in the world of Catholic Pinterest. From crafts to convents, from basilicas to bacon (or the lack thereof), Catholics seem to be flocking to Pinterest to share their passion for their faith.

And despite what some may think, it’s not just for crafty chicks.

This week, I discovered the wonderful Catholic Pinterest group board, under the able management of my fellow Vatican Blogger Meeting attendee Allison Girone. I located some of my favorite publishers like Our Sunday Visitor. I even came across a Proud Roman Catholic board by former Marine Fred Stemp.

So I thought it would be fun each week to share a Catholic Pinterest Board of the Week. Along the way, we will look at the faith-filled, the artistic, the inspired and the fun.

This week’s pick comes from my good friends at Peter & Paul Ministries. If I need a smile, I don’t have too venture too far online to find my buddies Ashley and Devin, who are constantly dreaming up new ways to employ technology to share their love for our faith. Much of their work is dead serious, but this week’s “Catholic Pinterest Board of the Week” shows their fun side. Since today is a Lenten Friday, it seems only natural to share the good natured Meatless Friday as our very first entry.

If you’re a Catholic using Pinterest, please drop a link in the comments below to share your boards. Also, I’d love to hear about why you love Pinterest and how you think this latest craze might be used to spread the Good News.

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  1. In an upcoming Tech Talk column, I was thinking of talking about Pinterest, Lisa! I’m new over there, (, but it’s vying already with Twitter as my favorite social media tool (I love that it’s there, but there’s not this “I have to SEE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW” feeling to it, you know?).

    Looking forward to following your column each week on this! :)

  2. Yes, that baby is hysterical! I’ll count that as your vote. At the moment it’s tied with Chuck Norris.

    In case you guys were interested, there’s a free webinar coming up by Social Media Today – – They usually have some pretty good webinars.

    I also look forward to the other Catholic boards!!

  3. This is clearly one of the many great advantages of keeping up with the Catholic Mom site. I had no idea of this “Pinterest” website. Would have never known to look for it had I not gone to Lisa’s website. This is an additional treasure of faith! Thank you Lisa for how your articles truly bring so much more to our lives!

  4. Have you heard about a site called Clipix. I read about in a blog post and it had really good reviews. Wondering if anyone else gave it a try? Looking into it myself but would like to know what people think about it first

  5. I have seen one concern on the Catholic Pinterest board and really hope this doesn’t offend anyone. There are some Mormon pins on it with are some absolutely wonderful ideas on pray and family. My concern is when there are pins that contain quotes or verses. A person must really know her faith to be borrowing ideas from others. Just something to keep in mind.

    • Jill, I guess I really hadn’t thought about this issue. I think it’s great that we’re seeing an increasing Catholic presence there with helpful resources for learning about our faith being provided by Catholic publishers and bloggers.

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