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Life’s been busy, and blogging hasn’t. I figure that there are priorities and life, and living them is more important than writing about them. Exams have been very interesting, and I have one more on Baptism. Preparation for ordination continues to be intense, and life always brings surprises.

One of these surprises has been the story of Annie Asmussen. A young woman giving her life full-time  to God and others. I got the chance to ask her a couple of questions, and here are the answers. You can find out more on her blog: Way of Love.

“So I am a missionary to love the empty, unhappy, and falsely happy. I’ve seen the most hardened hearts find peace, freedom and joy in Jesus.”

Q: Why did you go on missions? Start your blog? 

Annie: I am a missionary simply because I responded to the depths of what my heart wanted… to love. Walking around seeing all the unhappy people, I couldn’t just continue living my life happily in Jesus as if I didn’t acknowledge their pain. Offering the love of Jesus to people is so simple yet often overlooked. I used to think, “I don’t want to impose my beliefs on others.” But, if people were made by God and made to long for God then they cannot be fully alive unless they have Jesus’ love to bring them joy. Then no matter what others might tell you or think they need… the depths of their being wants Jesus. So I am a missionary to love the empty, unhappy, and falsely happy. I’ve seen the most hardened hearts find peace, freedom and joy in Jesus. Knowing that what Jesus brings is Life to the fullest… no matter what persecution I face, I don’t have any reason not to preach the gospel of truth.I started my blog because my step dad asked me to and said he would pray a rosary for every post. So at first I posted every day… just to get him to pray 🙂 Now I can see the genius of his idea. Whenever faith is shared… it blesses people so I’ll continue blogging because I can see the ripple effect faith has on others.

Q: What is the best thing that ever happened to you? 

Annie: The best thing that’s ever happened to me is receiving the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus in the Eucharist! Awesome that as Catholics we get to receive Our Savior, King… the source and summit of our faith in it’s fullness every mass. I am blessed because the best thing that’s ever happened to me, continues to happen to me every mass. I’ll always have something to hope in while on earth.

Q: Who is the person you most admire and why? 

Annie: John Paul II!! Getting to see JPII when I was in High School had a large impact on me. His words infused with scripture continue to pierce my heart and inspire me to live my faith today.

Q: What event in your life has most affected you? 

Annie: If I had to choose one event that had the most impact on the rest of my life I would say my Baptism. Even though I was baptized as an infant and don’t remember it… the fact that I am a Catholic gives my entire life purpose and meaning. What I do on the weekends, what I focus my life on was determined in that moment when I was set apart and called for something greater in my baptism.

Q: What is the most significant spiritual experience that you have had? 

Annie: The most significant experience that I’ve had was the first time I knew God was real in my heart at age 15 at a Steubenville Conference in San Diego, CA. Kneeling in adoration, I cried, let go of everything. Looking at Jesus in the Eucharist, a beautiful peace overwhelmed me and I knew God was real. The peace turned into joy that I’ve only been able to find in Jesus since. I tried to fill my life with drinking, relationships, affection… but I always knew in the back of my mind that if I wanted joy I needed Jesus because I was never able to forget that moment when I knew God was real.

Q: In a sentence, what would your advice be to young people to day? 

Annie: Seek the Lord with all that you are since only He can satisfy your desire for love, peace, joy and hope…. He is everything you are searching for.

What would you say? Have you found your mission? Check out, What to do with our lives?

Copyright 2012 Br. Mark Thelen, L.C.


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