Emerging into the Light


Conclusion of the Lenten Journey series

Repent ye therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. (Acts 3:19, KJV)

The earth is coming out of its long winter sleep and although it has appeared to be dormant, it has spent these many months renewing and refreshing preparing for a rebirth.

Seedlings hiding deep underground are lying in wait for the first signs of sunshine and warming rains to be released from their cold incubators. Animals active during other times of the year sleep in rejuvenate in their winter homes. Even trees exposed to the winter elements withdraw into themselves and throughout the onslaught nurture and grow while we wait the warmer days of spring.

The days are shorter and darker, even when the sun shines it is harder to capture its warmth. Human inclination is to hunker down, stoke up the fires and hibernate like some animals. We feel our energy is depleted and desire to move in slow motion or even no motion. In essence we desire to take on the appearance of the plant and animal kingdoms surrounding us.

Our spiritual lives can be a lot like the seemingly endless season of winter. Sin moves in and darkens our souls.God seems distant and unattainable like the warmth of the sun.

When we look at the desolate landscape outside our windows and deep inside our souls we lose hope. Will there ever be sunshine again? Will the blanket covering our souls be lifted? Will we feel the warmth of God’s love ever again?

Like plants and animals we can use this dark season for regrowth and renewal. Use the time to soul- search and find our most vulnerable and exposed areas in our lives, where Satan can gain a foothold. We must find the time to pray, to nurture and regain our hope and faith. Become still and silent like the plants and animals. Listen for God’s gentle answers for your life. Let that first ray of light reach the cold, dark recesses of your heart and soul and set you on fire with His passion. Prepare yourself for rebirth into the wondrous light of God. Christ’s resurrection hails the spring of our spirituality. Through prayer, Bible study and like minded community His light and warmth will burst through like a seed bursting through the soil, all anew after a winter’s rest.

The Resurrection supplies the light, water and warmth needed to banish Satan and the darkest of seasons.Jesus rebuilds our hope and takes away our sin, like spring sweeps away the detritus of winter, when we give Him the opening.

Jesus is there for all seasons and if we search in the right places He can be easily found. With Him we can banish the darkness, the hopelessness, the winter of our lives and we can have it always.

May you be blessed in this Easter Season with love and forgiveness of the sacrifice that Christ made for us.

All for the Glory of God,
Christina Weigand

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