Daily Scriptures Reflection for 4/21/12


Scripture: Lectionary # 272, 4/21/12. Acts 6:1-7. Psalm 33:1-2.4-5.18-19. John 6:16-21

Saturday’s Readings

Walking on water is no easy task! In fact, only Jesus seems to be the only one who has done this in the history of humankind! He is seen by the apostles who are weathering a tough storm on the Galilee Lake. Suddenly they find themselves ashore.  We learn from Luke that Peter tried to walk on the water but he started to drown and Jesus rescued him.  Most of think we could do what Peter had done, but not even a few steps are possible for us while trying to walk on water. We can only succeed in our difficult tasks that are part of the work and ministry that are ours in the calling that we have as married, singled, or vowed people.  These difficult tasks, and even more difficult trials, require of us a great trust in the power of the Spirit working through Jesus. Only with absolute trust in Jesus, the Spirit, and the Father are we able to accomplish extraordinary tasks for the Kingdom of God.  Saints were able to do this through their surrender to God and their absolute and complete trust in our Creator and our Redeemer.

Like the first Christians referred to in the Acts of the Apostles we need the gift of prayer and the power of God’s word, the Gospel, within our hearts. This needs to be a community endeavor not just a private “God and me” relationship.  Prayer, liturgical celebrations, sacraments, and community support are necessary to progress in our relationship with God.  We then are led to this absolute trust necessary for doing extraordinary things, but walking on water is not among them.

Not losing confidence in ourselves as beings who are made in the image and likeness of God we develop as spiritual persons and learn daily to have absolute trust in God and Jesus and the Spirit.  They will always lead us safely to the shore.  We must remain in the boat which is a symbol for the Church, for the Christian community, for our family. We stay at table—especially at the table of the Eucharist.  These are the way we walk on the waters of the sea of life and the spiritual journey God has entrusted to us.  Jesus awaits us on the shores of the Kingdom of God.  We pray about this through our Psalm for the day which has the following response: “Lord, let your mercy be upon us, as we put our trust in you.” (Psalm 33,verse 24). Amen. Alleluia. Alleluia.


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