Thinking Out Loud


I like to think. I am an introvert and that is what we introverts like to do. Think.

Introverts are often misunderstood. We are not stuck-up. We are not necessarily shy. We need a lot of alone time. We need to think things out before we answer or respond to things.

And we shy away from big social gatherings. (go figure). We do not do small talk well. We find socializing exhausting. When I get exhausted at big gatherings, I go hide. Usually the bathroom. My hubby calls it “cave time.”

One of the things many introverts need is time to think. I like to think. I think about lots of things. I think about what we are going to do this weekend. I think about what I going to write about and how can I improve my website and what about marketing my new ebook? And what is my next writing project going to be? And how am I going to organize it all?

I think about God and about praying and about writing about God and praying.

I think about my family and my friends and my job and my ministry. I think about how I am going to face the coming week and how I did this past week and I think through what I am going to say to hubby about something that is on my mind and how can I ever get my taxes done if I don’t keep better records and is my sister feeling better? And when is my mother going to be able to retire anyway?

I think about going to the beach because I get such refreshment from going there and having some peace and quiet, but I might as well wait until spring break is over because I can’t get near the beach and it is not exactly peaceful there right now … well, … never mind.

And then I decided I should think in the car on the way home from work. I have a 40 minute commute. It may not be enough time but it is better than nothing. So instead of listening to the radio or a CD, I decided to think.

Then I wondered if my thinking would distract me from driving. And I decided it would not distract me as much as being on the cell phone which I never use in the car. Not as much as the CD about Pope John Paul II that I was listening to. Or the music I sing along with at the top of my lungs!
So I spent the entire ride home from work thinking about thinking and I got no other thinking done. Now, I do not know what to write about.

So I am writing about this because I thought maybe I could think while I write or write while I think.


Never mind.

I wonder what God thinks about.

Copyright 2012 Colleen Spiro


About Author

Colleen Spiro is a Catholic mother, grandmother and a deacon’s wife. A certified spiritual director, Colleen loves to share her faith and encourage others through her retreats and writings. You can read her reflections at her website, Catholic Prayer Life and read or listen to her podcast at Finding God in the Everyday.


  1. You are welcome! This was posted on my blog too and I received quite a few comments like your’s. It is nice to know we are not alone! God bless!

  2. I keep thinking about this post, I had to come back and comment. It is me in a nutshell. Sometimes I wander around with a furrowed brow, thinking heavily, and not even notice those around me, later to worry about whether or not they found me rude. Good post!

    • I do the same thing!
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.
      Last week I read a quote from St Therese of Lisiuex about how she likes to think in her room when she has a day off. Her teacher asked her what she would think about and Therese said – “I think about God, about life, about eternity … I just think!”
      We are in good company!
      God bless!

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