Accomplishing Dreams as Mothers

As mothers, we may tell our children they can be anything they want to be, but do we believe that for ourselves?  We spend all our waking hours (and sometimes our sleeping ones too) worrying about the welfare of our families that we do not usually take much time for ourselves.  Are we accomplishing our own dreams?  Motherhood is a dream in itself, but maybe other dreams were given up in exchange for it.  Do we have the desire and the faith to do both?

It is important for our children to have us as models of good faith in God and His purpose for each one of us.  If we put forth the effort in order to follow ambitions we have, our children will want to do the same.  The outcome is not all that important, just the preparation and belief in the dream itself.  Seeing the joy that we experience by following our dreams is a wonderful thing for our children.  We will be happier moms and better wives, and our children will see that we are deeper than just our “Mom” titles.  We are people of faith, dreams, and love just like they are.

If we open ourselves up and reveal our needs, our families will be better able to love us.  There are many times moms let their desires fade instead of awakening their hearts and callings.  Our children will only need us for a part of our lives, and our husbands are adults who could manage a little while without Mom.  God asks us for our whole lives and He wants to answer the callings that He created in us.  Letting God fulfill our deepest longings can only bring our families closer together, and in turn, closer to God.

Copyright 2012 Tanya Weitzel

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