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My new book, Catholic Family Fun: A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless, has been making the rounds on a Book Tour (see the schedule here). Today, it’s my honor and pleasure to offer some of my favorite readers the best part of the Book Tour: a giveaway that shares not only the fun within my book but also my new favorite way to read, the Kindle Touch.

What you can win:

  • One person will win a Kindle Touch and an electronic copy of Catholic Family Fun
  • Three people will win hard copies of Catholic Family Fun

To enter:

  • Everyone can enter once, no strings attached
  • You can enter a second time if you have already purchased the book
  • You can enter yet another time if you hold a family fun activity during the contest time and share it in the comments

This giveaway starts today and ends at midnight PST on May 11. Winners will be notified by email on May 12.

Want to learn more about the book?


About Author

When she’s not chasing kids, chugging coffee, or juggling work, Sarah Reinhard’s usually trying to stay up read just one…more…chapter. She writes and works in the midst of rural farm life with little ones underfoot. She is part of the team for the award-winning Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, as well as the author of a number of books. You can join her for a weekday take on Catholic life by subscribing to Three Shots and follow her writing at Snoring Scholar.


  1. Would love to win this, for both my wife Tanya and myself. We love getting ahold of great Catholic material, especially when it comes from Catholic Mom contributors.

    On a personal level, my birthday is May 23rd and I would love to win a kindle touch.

  2. Please sign me up, I think I belong in the category of the clueless when it comes to family fun.

  3. Kimberly Mitchell on

    I have the book on my wish list. I will ask my local library to purchase one the next time I’m there.

  4. Sarah, you’re the best! I would love to win your book, & a kindle to read it on? Icing in the cake!

  5. Would LOVE this book! I’m always searching the internet for new ideas! And to have it on a Kindle! Even better!

  6. Diane Vint on

    I would love to win this book. Our family could use some ideas for a little fun! Thank you!

  7. Denise I. Osorio on

    Please enter me in the drawing. Books like this are great and helpful to take away stereotypes of how to live the Faith in a fun way. Thank you!

  8. A book AND the Kindle Touch we’re planning on buying for our 13yo’s high school lit? Well, that is just AWESOME! (Almost as awesome as Sarah! What’s that you say? Kissing up doesn’t help? Oh, well. She’s awesome, anyway.)

  9. I’m so glad I tripped across this site today. Always looking for new ideas for family activities.

  10. Being an overwhelmed mom and always looking for new things to do with LifeKids, I would love to win this book. A Kindle version? Even better! That way I can read it at soccer practice!

  11. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. It sounds awesome. If I don’t win it will go on the “To Purchase List” and I will also spread the word to my friends and family. Thanks again.

  12. It sounds like a great book. I am always looking for new family activities. I would love to win it! Thanks!

  13. Laura B Nelson on

    What a great resource to have as we enter summer season. Lots of opportunity for family time!

  14. It would be a blessing to win the kindle and new book. Looking forward to summer break with a book full of ideas!

  15. I’m a new Domestic Church Resource Assistant for my parish and this would be an excellent resource to share with our parents!

  16. I would love to win a copy! We are expecting our first, a little girl, in 8 days and we would love to have this resource to help us raise a strong Catholic family.

  17. I’d like to see if reading via Kindle is as great as touted, but I am too cheap to purchase one. Thank you for the contest. The book sounds great for Catholic moms.

  18. I can’t wait to read this book! Especially as a convert, I would love ideas for how to give my kids a childhood that is not just fun and full of love, but also authentically Catholic. I would be thrilled to win a copy!

  19. Would LOVE a Kindle or one of these books! Went to order one but Amazon doesn’t have them in stock! ;( Hope I win & thanks for the chance! God bless your summer!!!

  20. Cathy Carlin on

    Plan to get some copies for door prizes for our parish religious education program parent nights

  21. Heather J. on

    As a mother of two young girls, and a first grade teacher at a Catholic School, I would love to win a copy of this wonderful book.

  22. Thanks for the contest! I’ve been wanting a Kindle, but haven’t quite decided to take the plunge and buy one. 🙂 Of course, I’d love to win a copy of your book, too!

  23. Thanks Sarah! We’ve really enjoyed your other books and could use some fun activities for the summer!

  24. I bought the book! On Kindle! Today! Please enter me! A print copy would be swell, and I am looking to get a new Kindle this year anyway…..
    Thank you for rewarding us for enjoying your book!

  25. Kate Daneluk on

    That’s something I’d love to win. Now just to find the time to read something…

  26. I’m so looking forward to reading your book! I would love reading it on a KINDLE! Have a lovely day!

  27. I would love to win either give-away. I don’t have any type of e-reader, but would like to and the book sounds great! I just heard about it and checked it out on your website, sounds like an awesome addition to my “library”!

  28. So I am having almost as much fun going on your blog tour as I would reading the book!! I love to find great new catholic mom sites!! I am sure the book will be fun, too!!

  29. So cool! Would love to win! The upside is, I’ve been trying to save up to buy a Kindle… but it would be even better to win it. Thanks for the chance!

  30. Jennifer G. Miller on

    I would love to win your book! I’m always loving to read ways to incorporate the Faith.

  31. Mary Katherine on

    Not sure if this is how you do the 2nd entry, but one family fun thing we did was have my parents and Godparents over for breakfast after Mass to celebrate my Godmother’s birthday!

  32. This sounds like a book that *NEEDS* to be on our family bookshelf. If we don’t win here, we’ll be buying a copy! 🙂

  33. What a treat and treasure you’ve chosen as a prize. Best of luck to all entries, though I’ll be saying a silent prayer of intercession for my family.

  34. Sounds like a delightful book! Would love to be able to share it with my growing family 🙂

  35. For my second entry, I’d like to say that one way we try and spend some family time together is by going on walks before or after dinner and discussing various aspects of each of our days.

  36. Found your website unexpectedly and absolutely love it! Sounds like a wonderful book. Enter me in the drawing. I’ll keep visiting your site either way.

  37. Please enter me! I’d love this for my family- I was just thinking about how I could engage my child in catholic type activities over the summer.

  38. I’m in, I’m in!! Me wanna Kindle Touch!! hehehe…. But beyond that, I really want ideas for the clueless. I am clueless. Love ya Sarah!

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