12 Things I Never Did Before I Was a Mom

1. Pick someone else’s nose.

2.  Carry Matchbox cars in my purse.

3.  Take a rectal temperature.

4.  Buy chicken shaped like dinosaurs.

5.  Pretend to be a car.

6.  Say things like “There are starving children in the world who would love that piece of bread.”

7.  Leave the house with formula/milk splatters on my shoes

8.  Notice the formula/milk splatters and leave them there, because it’s just too darn much effort to  wipe them off.

9.  Say “Lord, have mercy” outside of the context of the Mass (prompted by a violent stomach flu wreaking havoc on the Moyer family).

10. Hear a small boy say, “Mommy, I love you.”

11.  Melt inside at “Mommy, I love you.”

12.  Realize that parenting is totally, completely worth it.

Copyright 2012 Ginny Moyer

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