Mother's Day Gifts that Keep Mom Fit


Know what the busiest day of the year is for sending flowers? More flowers are sent on Mother’s day then on any other day of the year. While floral arrangements are always appreciated by moms, wouldn’t it be nice to give something a bit more personal, more fun and beneficial?

Moms of all ages tend to put everyone else first and often knock themselves down on the priority list. So, if a special mom in your life isn’t taking initiative to pamper herself or even do just simple things to protect her health, then consider giving a more valuable Mother’s Day gift this year.

Consider giving that special mom the gift of fitness. When you give a woman the gift of fitness, you are helping her open a door to better health (both physically and mentally). Can you think of a more thoughtful gift that shows the recipient how much you care about their well-being? By giving the gift of fitness you are providing them with unlimited health benefits. And, it’s a gift that you can truly feel proud to give.

Today there are many great fitness tools out there that can be fun while truly helping to improve ones’ health.

Consider giving one of these high-tech fitness gadgets:

  • Heart Rate Monitor – while not new to the fitness marketplace, there are new monitor options that include high tech features like GPS, tracking your speed, distance, average pace and more
  • Music — It makes a workout more fun. If your mom doesn’t already have a phone or portable device that plays music, then that would be a great option. For those that already have the device, get a gift card for purchasing downloadable songs. And consider including a list of your favorite pump-up, workout songs for her consideration.
  • New Workout Attire — a new, modern, comfortable outfit can do wonders for motivation.
  • Wii or Kinect workout games. Many fun options to get you moving: latin dance, hip-hop, bootcamp workouts, rafting adventures and much more.
  • DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) video game. Sure, when you think of video games you think of teenagers. But, the DDR game has difficulty levels designed for beginners and you don’t have to be a great dancer or avid exerciser to try it out. It can be a really fun way to exercise – one where you aren’t constantly watching your watch.
  • Pedometer – new ones on the market even talk to you!
  • Reflective gear for walking and running. Options include vest, gloves, belt and more.
  • Trikke. A fitness scooter that makes exercising fun without high impact.

If your budget is limited, there are plenty of non-techie fitness gifts that provide a wealth of benefit. Gifts can cost as little as just $5. Here are a few suggestions in various price ranges:

Under $15:

  • Resistance Band — did you know you can do 200+ exercises with some bands?
  • Dumbbells – even three pounders can be effective
  • Jump Rope
  • Exercise Mat

$15 – $50

  • Fitness Ball
  • Online Personal Trainer Program (with custom designed workouts)
  • Home Exercise DVD

Over $50 to ?

  • Full dumbbell and barbell set
  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical Trainer
  • Yoga Kit

Of course, we all know that exercise can help people stay slim and fit. But, do you also know about all the other great benefits of exercising? Daily physical activity reduces stress and can help you sleep better. Fitness has been linked to reducing the risk of some diseases and to warding off depression. Researchers also believe that strength training can help prevent osteoporosis. Not to mention that exercise also improves self-esteem, increases stamina and ultimately helps you be able to do continuous work for longer.

All Moms would find these fitness benefits incredibly invaluable. By giving the gift of fitness you are helping provide her with extra motivation (which is one of the biggest obstacles in getting fit) to start or maintain a fitness regimen.

Giving something that supports health and wellness will be appreciated for years to come and may even turn someone’s life around. The gift of fitness will make her feel special – she’ll know that someone cared enough to give her the opportunity to improve her health. And, giving a gift that will help someone lead a healthier life is also one of the most rewarding gifts you can give. So why spend another Mother’s Day searching for the perfect gift only to end up with the same old things? Surprise her this year and give the gift that comes from the heart and truly keeps on giving throughout summer and beyond.

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  1. Lynn, great ideas all around. I will confess, though, I will not be shopping in this arena. You see, I am married to a wonderful woman who has read way too much into my (thoughtful?) gifts of fitness-related gear over the last 37+ years. She often talked about this or that piece of equipment or gym bag so I would note her preferences and then give them as gifts. BOMB! Twenty questions about how I perceive her, do I think she is (fill in the blank), etc. I am really not that obtuse and still see her as my high school sweetheart. I know she is my one and only, my one in 150 million but she is also perhaps the only one who would taken my fitness gifts the wrong way. Now I buy flowers and give her gift cards and mum’s the word on fitness equipment. She is the exception that proves the rule.

    Mark S.

  2. Mark,

    What sweet words you have for your long-time wife. Part of your gift this year should be showing her your post here! I’m sure she would love your thoughtful comments about her being your one and only…

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. @Mark S. How romantic! Seriously though, I think in a lot of ways you’re right that some women might perceive the gift of fitness as “hey honey, you’ve been hitting the ice cream a bit too much this past year!”. Honestly though, I would love the gift of new workout attire! I just came home from the gym and am truly embarrassed at what I’m wearing! So maybe a gift certificate to a sporting goods store for new shoes, a cute track shoes, or if both mom and dad need to work out more, maybe we decide “let’s get a new piece of equipment for both mother’s and father’s day…”. Love your last line! She’s a lucky mom!

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