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Small Success Thursday

Editor’s note: It’s Thursday, which means that Sherry Antonetti is hosting our weekly celebration of “Small Success Thursday”. To celebrate it’s launch here at, I’ve gathered a prize package full of goodies (including two holy cards blessed by Pope Benedict XVI at the beatification of Blessed John Paul II). To be entered to win, simply share your “Small Successes” in the comments section below — if you’re listing those on your own blog, feel free to share the link to your personal blog in the comments section. Each commenter will be entered to win our drawing. One winner will be randomly drawn from last week’s and this week’s entries at midnight on Wednesday, May 16, 2012. LMH

Small Success Thursday

It’s Thursday so it’s time to look back at the past week and assess all the ways in which we did little things with great love.  We need to take stock of all those little moments because those little moments add up to all of life, and being busy, we can sometimes blur the time we should be breathing into our hearts.

Christ says, “Be still and know I am here.”  Parenting is about being present, being still for our children, being fully at the table, fully in the conversation, fully part of their lives.  Small Success Thursday helps us remember to be still and be present, and to celebrate those moments when we did just that!

So please join in and invite others who you think would like to participate.  You can use your blog or the comment section below to be a part of this meme. Thanks as always for sharing your successes, and I look forward to seeing what all of you have been up to this past week.

To start it off, this week I:

1)Had a date night Friday with my husband to see “The Avengers.”  Perfect popcorn movie except I advice not drinking soda because it’s so action packed, you won’t want to miss any of it.

2)Celebrated my oldest daughter’s sweet 16 on Saturday by hosting about 15 girls who came over to eat pizza, watch the Princess Bride, sing songs from Wicked and eat cake.

3)began planning our trip to Texas for my brother’s wedding. Should be a blast.

4) Strayed from diet on Sunday and thus did not lose more weight, but haven’t lost ground either. So a victory against backsliding.  I’ll take it.

Now it’s your turn! Remember that by sharing your Small Success, you’re not only celebrating, but entering to win our prize package. Leave your small successes and links in the comments below.

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  1. Even though I feel like my list is still a mile long, I accomplished the following this week:

    1. Talked to my college son three times on the phone during finals and prayed for him in a special way. He took his last final yesterday and is now a college Junior!!

    2. Had a checkup with my Oncologist. Happy to have a clean bill of health and more than halfway through my five years of follow up.

    3. Served dinner last night for my younger son and his girlfriend. At the table with my hubby too — felt like a double date 🙂

    Thanks for the motivation to keep track of these little blessings Sherry!

    • Wow, Lisa, hard to believe your son is a junior already! Seems like he was just finishing high school! And awesome news on the checkup!!

  2. I lost another pound! I’m almost to my original weight before having my second baby (who just turned one)! Just three more pounds to go!

    I managed to work out 3 days this week!

    • Leanne, that’s terrific — especially the finding time to work out part! Are you using a specific program for either food or exercise? What’s your tip for making yourself exercise when you feel exhausted?

      • I am using to keep track of my food and weight. Each day I log in the food I’ve eaten and it tallies up the calories for me.

        When I weigh myself, I update my weight on myfitnesspal, too.

        At the beginning, I put in my weight/height stats and my weight loss goals. It calculated my daily calorie intake for me in order to meet my goals.

        This week, as soon as I put the kids to bed, I force myself to work out. We have a treadmill at home and I’ve been doing Jillian Michael’s DVD’s on days I don’t run on the treadmill. It also helps that when I put my kids in their pajamas (they are still very little), I also put on my workout clothes. The fact that I made the effort to put my work out clothes on seems to help motivate to get moving!

        It’s not easy, though! This is literally the first week I’ve worked out that much!

        • congrats!! My ‘baby’ is 8 and I am working my way back down. slowly! love/hate Jillian–LOL! always sore afterward!! I’ll have to check out my fitness pal!

  3. My small successes this week are:
    1) doing small successes again!

    2) starting a 10 day cleanse – I am on day 4 and doing OK. Looking to jump start my weight loss

    3) surviving having my husband on second shift and getting the kids to soccer & dance,and myself to the gym while he is at work. This type of situation usually pushes me into major stress and panic but with hubby’s help we drafted out the schedules and with a babysitter 1 night a week it has been manageable.

  4. sarah madden on

    I have had a sick child this week so my small success is that I slept last night in my bed!

  5. Jennifer Heffernan on

    My 14 year old daughter, whom I have been diligently praying for asked me to help her put on her miraculous medal we bought when she was 2 months old. She told me she has actually been praying on her own and that she feels some of her prayers have been answered. Praise god! A gift in itself.

  6. Babysat for a friend–and earned credit for a future date night. Wrote thank you notes for my son’s b-day gifts. Managed to not completely stress over the fact that I don’t have a plan for daycare/work from the last day of school until after 4th July week. Almost figured out how to download podcasts to my ipod–headed to itunes to complete that right now!

  7. I didn’t do many big things but small things with great love:

    1. Helped my second grader finish his long chapter book for school

    2. Baking cupcakes for my dad’s birthday today

    3. Bought my boys a little surprise for when they get home from school today

    4. Dropped off and picked up my boys from school all week

  8. I didn’t get upset when the belt came off the riding lawnmower yesterday and I had to push mow about half the yard (about 3/4 acre) before my dh came home and fixed the rider. I got all the grass cut before it got dark and I got some needed exercise. I was able to help our daughter with her math homework and I got to cheer on our son at a track meet. A pretty good week I’d say!

  9. Kimberly Borchardt on

    I love the idea of small success!! I think sometimes we overlook all that we have acomplished. Thanks for this. Here is my list:

    1. Finally came up with a plan for my oldest and her schooling. I homeschool the kids and was having trouble keeping a schedule with my oldest, who is in 7th grade. We figured it out and thus far it is working out great.

    2. Made an appointment with a Doctor for my middle daughter, who had quite a few medical conditions, and we have made some progress. This doctor was local and was her GI when she was first diagnosed, but moved a few years back. I followed my heart and went ahead and made the appointment with him and we took the long 4 hour drive yesterday. It was well worth the trip. Very thankful!

    3. I made it to my physical this afternoon, which I have been putting off. Very much needed.

    4. Had a great workout series this week, looking forward to continuing.

    Blessings to all of you and your success for the week.


  10. Wow. Great week for everyone! It’s awe inspiring to see what strong committed faithfilled moms are doing out there without fanfare every day.

  11. OK, here goes:
    1. I took the kids to the library. (They think that’s a big treat.)
    2. I lobbed an idea someone’s way and they accepted it! (There goes my summer. In a good way.)
    3. Let the 4yo play with Playdoh today. (That one might be the death of me.)

    • Playdoh….. it always sounded like a good idea….and it sure kept them busy, but I swear I STILL find it…years later! LOL!

  12. My small success is reaching 13 workouts in my program. My goal is to do 3, 45 minute work outs a week.

    This week, I wasn’t feeling good and it was too late on Monday to get my normal workout in. So, I bit the bullet and did 2 days in a row, Tuesday and Wednesday to make up for it.

  13. Yay! I’ve missed small successes, so happy it’s back! I’ll add it (or try) to my weekly blogging!
    My successes this week:
    1. Was able to get DD to her end-of-the-year choir concert ON TIME! And then enjoyed the concert with Hubby as a DATE! Our other DD had seen the performance at school and our tweens/teens are just “too cool”, so it was great!
    2. Three good strength workouts this week AND cardio in addition–woo hoo!
    3. Came to a place of peace in talking with a friend who is going through a separation with her husband (my Hubby’s bestie–ugh, talk about a tough spot). I was FINALLY able to encourage her to get back to Church and pray, for there is where she will find strength for whatever lies ahead. I was able to say it in love, without judgement and I’ll just continue to pray for them!

    Off to help Hubby finish dinner as my iTouch and phone are almost updated! (another success 😉


  14. My small successes include:

    1. cleaning the flat surfaces in my bedroom for the first time in months.

    2. Working out 3x this week including today (which was very difficult)

    3. keeping caught up on laundry this week

  15. I commented the other day but I don’t see it here… here I go again.

    My successes last Thursday were:

    1. Grocery shopping done & came in under budget!
    2. Washed ALL the laundry in the house!!
    3. Spent a little time in Adoration
    (I think that was all..)

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