Share Your Small Successes Thursday and Win Big!

Small Success Thursday

Editor’s note: It’s Thursday, which means that Sherry Antonetti is hosting our weekly celebration of “Small Success Thursday”. To celebrate it’s launch here at, I’ve gathered a prize package full of goodies (including two holy cards blessed by Pope Benedict XVI at the beatification of Blessed John Paul II). To be entered to win, simply share your “Small Successes” in the comments section below — if you’re listing those on your own blog, feel free to share the link to your personal blog in the comments section. Each commenter will be entered to win our drawing. One winner will be randomly drawn from last week’s and this week’s entries at midnight on Wednesday, May 16, 2012. LMH

Small Success Thursday

It’s Thursday so it’s time to look back at the past week and assess all the ways in which we did little things with great love.  We need to take stock of all those little moments because those little moments add up to all of life, and being busy, we can sometimes blur the time we should be breathing into our hearts.

Christ says, “Be still and know I am here.”  Parenting is about being present, being still for our children, being fully at the table, fully in the conversation, fully part of their lives.  Small Success Thursday helps us remember to be still and be present, and to celebrate those moments when we did just that!

So please join in and invite others who you think would like to participate.  You can use your blog or the comment section below to be a part of this meme. Thanks as always for sharing your successes, and I look forward to seeing what all of you have been up to this past week.

To start it off, this week I:

1)Had a date night Friday with my husband to see “The Avengers.”  Perfect popcorn movie except I advice not drinking soda because it’s so action packed, you won’t want to miss any of it.

2)Celebrated my oldest daughter’s sweet 16 on Saturday by hosting about 15 girls who came over to eat pizza, watch the Princess Bride, sing songs from Wicked and eat cake.

3)began planning our trip to Texas for my brother’s wedding. Should be a blast.

4) Strayed from diet on Sunday and thus did not lose more weight, but haven’t lost ground either. So a victory against backsliding.  I’ll take it.

Now it’s your turn! Remember that by sharing your Small Success, you’re not only celebrating, but entering to win our prize package. Leave your small successes and links in the comments below.

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