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Just when I’ve decided that it’s time to stop “collecting” and start giving more of the items that fill my home away, I have discovered something that is creating a major temptation in my life: the lovely new Catholic Saint Dolls being created by Courtney & Cassidy’s Creations.

When I asked Courtney and Cassidy’s mom Kristen how the saintly doll making enterprise got started, she shared that, “Courtney, 17, and Cassidy 12, recently learned to sew from a dear older woman who has been like a grandmother to them.  Cassidy got doll making books and supplies for her birthday and it started from there.  In March, I showed a picture on Facebook, started an Etsy store and they had a business.  The orders all started coming with special requests – St. Therese and Mother Teresa first, and most.  Courtney looked at pictures and figured it out from there – pretty good, if I do say so!”

To date, Courtney and Cassidy have sold over thirty uniquely hand-made dolls. Each is made to order at the request of the recipient and can be ordered through the girls’ Etsy shop, where you can also contact the doll designers with your special requests.

It seems as though the lucky folks who receive one of the girls’ creations aren’t the only ones benefitting from their efforts. “In getting orders for different saints, such as our latest, St. Lucy and St. Lucia, we learn how they are derivations of the same person, yet different cultures and countries have turned them into very different role models and focused on different virtues in doing it,” shares Cassidy. “We learn a lot about our faith while sewing saints, we usually include a special prayer or symbol for each.”

For the record, I’m saving my change for my personal favorite, the St. Therese of Lisieux Doll who sports an adorable crochet rose. I know she wants to come live at my house soon! Next time you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a special girl (of any age!) in your life, why not give Courtney & Cassidy’s Creations a call? The results will be heavenly!

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