A Tech Tool: appSmitten


Have you heard of appSmitten? If not, prepare to fall in love.

Here’s a must-have tool for those of us without the time to spend our entire free time in our various app stores.

There are so! many! apps!

It’s all too easy for an appoholic to get a bit bogged down, a lot overwhelmed, and maybe even a tad weary.

I mean, by the time you find the stuff that’s awesome, how do you have any time to use it?

(OK, obviously I have a lot of issues. Let’s look past that, shall we?)


Here’s the deal: you sign up, and every two weeks or so, you get a nifty email with three apps. The highlights are short, the relevant details are included, and downloading the apps is usually as easy as clicking.

I have appSmitten to thank for the awesome non-Catholic apps I’ve found recently. While they’re not usually life-changing apps, they are often fun, informative, and worthwhile in some manner.

I never thought I’d advocate getting more email, but in this case, I can and I do.

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