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We’re going to be getting back to a regular weekly look at what’s new and fresh in the world of Catholic music. Our amazing Catholic musicians work diligently in a mission field with few rewards but great potential for reaching hearts and souls. They deserve not only our thanks, but also our support. Here at, we’ve always tried to be a place that celebrates these amazing men and women and also exposes your family to some awesome tunes!

This week, I’d like to ask you to tell me the names of some of your favorite Catholic musicians in the comments below. To sweeten the pot a bit, I’m going to throw in the chance for  you to win a $20 iTunes gift card, which should be more than enough for you to add several great new songs by Catholic rockers to your iTunes playlists. To enter, simply leave a comment with the name of your favorite Catholic musical act. Repeats are fine if someone else has already listed your favorite. If you know your musician’s website, add that in your comment for an additional entry. If you honestly don’t listen to Catholic music or can’t name a specific group but want to enter, leave me a comment saying that — hopefully you’ll win and can purchase some super new tunes that will both entertain and inspire you and your family.

Leave your comment below by midnight Pacific time on Saturday, June 9, 2012. Maximum two entries per person. One winner will be randomly drawn and will receive one $20 iTunes gift card. (Update: Contest winner = Jill H.)


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    • I was looking to see if anyone suggested Danielle! Had the pleasure of knowing her while I was at college in her home town and saw her recently at a fundraising banquet. SUCH a lovely gal and beautiful musician.

  1. Got to say I’m excited about this because I am always looking for Catholic musicians. This will be great.

    Also love Martin Doman. His site is down right now but it is He sings a beautiful song called Talitha Cumi. Any grieving mother could really appreciate the lyrics.

    Of course there is Matt Maher
    I didn’t realize he was Catholic until a while ago and now I love his Litany of Humility called Every Little Prison.

  2. Matt Maher is by far the best. Especially is earlier music. Also like life teen Tom Booth.

  3. Donna Cori Gibson is one of my favorites. I saw her in concert twice, and was blown away by her beautiful voice. She can be found here – I am grateful for this giveaway because, as a mom, I am constantly encouraging my children to listen to music that honors God.

  4. I just discovered Audrey Assad, and WOW! Also just discovered Sarah Hart recently.

    I also love Kitty Cleveland, Popple, Sarah Bauer, Matt Maher, L’Angelus, Danielle Rose, and Billie Tarascio.

  5. Just discovered Audrey Assad recently– gorgeous voice with really incredible music. Probably my favorite Catholic artist at the moment 🙂

  6. Marie Miller, is my selection. She writes, plays and sings on the beauty of women. She will bring her beautiful feminine music and talk to the Catholic Women’s Conference in San Antonio this September 21-22, 2012.

  7. We love Matt Maher too! (Anyone who can start a song with “Consubstantiation” is very talented!)

    We also love Jon Niven and the LIFT Ministries Band

    A great resource for discovering new Catholic music is the Catholic Underground. They are in NYC with numerous spin-off sites:
    Many of the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Renewal are amazing musicians, like Fr. Stan:

  8. Mike Buckler on

    The first two that come to mind are Matt Maher and Steve Angrisano. Steve Angrisano I have brought to my parish multiple times he is so good… I also enjoy Audrey Assad and Danielle Rose. I particularly like all the artists: Steve Angrisano, Matt Maher, Curtis Stephan, Josh Blakesley, Jackie Francois, Sarah Hart, Chris Padgett, ValLimar Jansen, Ike Ndolo, and a number of others. The show called “The Commons” is a great one for being introduced to these artists.

  9. I love this topic!!! I’ve already bought music from 3 new artists on iTunes just from reading the comments. The Catholic artist I listen to the most is Matt Maher, but I also love Kitty Cleveland.

  10. Amy Buresh on

    Ellen Soukup is simply awesome! Music that inspires, makes you think, groove and grow closer to God and his teaching. As a catholic wife and mother she hits it out of the park with each self-written song. As I grow in my own faith each song takes on new meaning and clarity. It was her music among other things that were a source of strength, truth and comfort to me as I was deciding to convert from the Lutheran to Catholic faith. Her voice is one-of-a-kind beautiful: a true blessing from God.

    Here in Lincoln we are gifted to get to hear her most every Sunday at St. John The Apostle Perish where she serves as musical director and teaches music to our children at St. John’s school.

    Do yourself a favor and grab all four of her CD’s.

    I’m hoping she’ll be inspired to record again soon. Her last recording, Jerusalem came in 2006.

  11. Gina Fensterer on

    Audrey Assad here…she is about the only one I know. Can’t wait to check out these other names!

  12. Monica Young on

    I honestly don’t listen to Catholic music and I can’t name a specific group but I really do want to enter the contest. I saw Deborah Gibson and I do know who she is I didn’t know she sang Catholic music. I am open to hearing some though 🙂

  13. I absolutely love Marie Miller (!! We will see some awesome stuff out of her. I also listen to a lot of Matt Maher (

  14. My favorite is Seven Sorrows… Although, I’m a little biased because my son plays bass and my husband sings and plays drum.

  15. John Angotti … Probably the most solid Catholic Artist I know, when it comes to music theory, creative writing, inspirational melodies, Catholic Theology, and ROCKnROLL.

  16. Some amazing Catholic artists…

    Mark Mallet (Canada )
    He is a strong, faithful Catholic whose blog should be followed by all Catholics during these days of persecution. He has a powerful song about JPII.

    Jackie Francois Beautiful artist! Also does Theology of the Body talks to Catholic Youth and is often a featured guest at Catholic Concerts for youth, like Stuebenville.

    Of course, love Matt Maher! Mentioned many times.

  17. I don’t know if anyone has ever heard of Paul Lisney. I heard this song for the first time on this Youtube video. I absolutely fell in love with this song. I immediately searched for the artist and found his website : Paul will actually send his music for free and only asks for willing donations. Here’s the link to the song:

    God Bless!


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