Small Success Thursday: Count Your Blessings


Small Success Thursday

A friend of mine counts fifty blessings before she gets up.  What a lovely way to remember all that we have in this life to give thanks for on a daily basis!  What grattitude and genuine thankfulness for all of God’s grace.  This past seven days, each of us had God’s grace poured all over our lives.  Today, we stop to recognize how we are awash in His tender blessings and mercy.

This week I:

1) Had the opportunity to go with my whole family to a baseball game.  We had a blast.
2) Read a book.  It’s always a treat to me when I finish one.
3) managed to get three kids to the dentist.
4) spent some good time with a friend, unplanned.
5) visited with my sister, was reminded how much I enjoy her company.

Now it is your turn!

Leave your list on your blog and list your blog in the comments or leave your small successes in the comment section itself and thanks for being part of Small Success Thursday!

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  1. OK, here goes…

    1. I attempted a craft project, and though I turned into a rainbow, the kids had fun
    2. Said yes to going to the park, quite on a whim
    3. I started working out

  2. This was such a great but incredibly busy week.
    1. Lead a private retreat for five amazing ladies – the prep work that went into it really paid off.
    2. Spent great time with Adam this week and made a choice that about something that made him a happy camper – it was a compromise for me, but it was the right decision in the end.
    3. Hosted a potluck at our home for our alumni association – didn’t go too crazy with the cooking and cleaning.
    4. Flew across the country with Adam – he’s attending a music camp at one of his potential colleges.
    5. Received the sacrament of reconciliation on Saturday. What a blessing.

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