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They’re back! The “Brothers in Black” strike again. As we busy moms struggle with the competing priorities of our faith lives, our families and our work, we may feel frustrated by trying to “do it all”. Take two minutes to watch this great video and figure out what you can “drop” and what you can’t!  To keep up with the lastest videos from The “Brothers in Black  subscribe to their Youtube channel – videos like these are a tremendous way to learn about and share our faith, and to show our young men that a life dedicated to the priesthood is an amazing gift. LMH

How to juggle everything going on in your life. Some things you can’t drop!

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  1. I admit – I totally got the reference to the late 80s music and I was kinda dancing in my chair when I watched it! Love the video and love the message. It’s SO important to have our priorities straight and know what we can drop and what needs to be a focus each and every day. I didn’t see anything in here about laundry though…can you drop that?

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