Ignio: Amazing Social-Prayer App

Ignio is an incredible app for growing in your faith journey with close friends! It has a great alert system that offers you a daily reflection in the form of a “notification”, and it also notifies you when your “Ignio Circle” friends read the daily scriptures pray through the app, which I have found tremendously helpful in being accountable in my faith journey.

The design is sleek and superb, and the UI is easy to navigate and enjoyable!  The best part about Ignio is that it’s built upon the premise of a close relationship with others.  In order to light your candle the app uses “Bump” technology to transfer the fire from one candle to the other.  Unfortunately for me, my close friends are not nearby so it took a few weeks to get them up and running on the app.  Overall, this app is an incredible app for your faith!  It’s engaging, beautiful, and fun to use.  I’m really thankful to it’s developers because it’s become my “go to” app for engaging my faith on a daily basis.

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