Top Ten School Year Lessons Learned


The school year ends just as ceremoniously as last year, with all the pomp and circumstance that should accompany graduation and the closing of yet another year of learning. Yes, the children learned great things this year, with all their studies, their advancement in academic areas, as well as their own character formation….they learned a great deal, this I have seen with my own eyes.

As this year closes for us, I too feel like I have been schooled. I too, have a good sense of lessons learned through the many activities and team endeavors I found myself involved in. And I have posted on this before, hopefully, this won’t be repetitious. However, I will say, that as a Stay at Home Mother, at times, we can find ourselves in a kind of bubble. If we want and choose, we can consume ourselves with the many tasks at hand, tending to our children, our husband, and then rarely move and work out in the world, forced to give and take with other team members, or interact in social situations that might be uncomfortable or tedious. Maybe we don’t find ourselves making as many friends as we would like. Sometimes, we are isolated. It’s true. It happens.

This past year taught many lessons for me, as all these mentioned above were not only explored but mistakes happened, by me and others, and from those, great learning can happen. Great improvement as it pertains to personal development can happen….and I thought I’d list just a few things I learned this last year, that I hope and pray, I take with me each and every day.

1.) First and foremost, is the great lesson of knowing where my true value lies…it’s not in a leadership title, nor how many people follow or admire me. It’s not about that. True humility comes from knowing exactly where my gifts come from. And knowing, feeling and then living with that security that can only come from knowing God gave me everything I have. Living an acceptance of self, is a freedom like no other.

2.) It matters not which kid got which award on awards day, and/or how many awards they achieved. What matters is the eye contact, smile and clapping hands that I give them. They care about my approval the most, not a piece of paper.

3.) People can act crazy, have a fit, yell, be snarky or plan disrespectful. The world is full of these kind of people. And these kind of people love to get a rise out of others. Giving them what they want, makes me the loser.

4.) Respect in leadership positions is earned, never just given.

5.) Sometimes, someone who sits alone, really doesn’t want to be alone. Sometimes they do. It takes a kind of sensitivity and wisdom to know which is which.

6.) Fundraisers are just that, made to raise funds. If we aren’t making money, then it’s just a social gathering.

7.) Women with big money have insecurities just like the rest of us. They just get to struggle through them at the Lake House.

8.) Kids can’t retain any new information after 8 pm. Cramming for tests must be planned or scheduled in the wee hours of the morning.

9.) Working hot lunch tells me very quickly which children I want my kids to play with and which ones I don’t. Looks like I will be working hot lunch next year :).

10.) My kid’s needs are more important than any school function. Yep, that means discussing teen emotions is more important, and that meeting can happen with or without me.

So that’s it. My top ten. And they are big.

While we walked out the school doors yesterday, our school chaplain found me to ask how the year went in my role and if I will give another year. And I was honest, “Father, I am passing the torch on. It was a very time consuming year, and with my children still young, I need to honor the commitments I have made to my family. But I regret nothing. Please know that. Living in a kind of bubble doesn’t allow for some quality learning to happen. I put myself out there, and learned a great deal in the process, that I know for certain I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. For that I am grateful, hopefully, I will be a better mother and wife, having been in team settings, and in leadership positions. We always hear to lead is to serve. And I hope to apply that principle more fully each and every day.”

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