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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to mention, highlight, and, in general, rave about one of my very favorite social networking sites: Goodreads.

The premise: it’s an interactive site for people to share what they’re reading, what they’ve read, and organize their books.

Can you say “Sarah is jumping up and down”? Because reading is one of my favorite things, I’m a total techie-organize-for-fun-geek-type, and I love talking books.

Obviously, the people at Goodreads had me in mind.

I’ve been on it for a few years, and I don’t use it much for the social networking side of things. I do like to poke around and see what people are reading and what they recommend when I have the time.

If you love to read, you might enjoy Goodreads, too.

What I like:

  • The ability to interact when I want to (without the feeling that I must interact)
  • Apps (both iOS and Android)
  • The groups and discussions that take place (though I rarely make time to participate)–for example, there is a group of Catholic Readers

How I use it:

  • To organize my books, especially now that the kids in my life are reading books I want to read, too
    • I have mutually exclusive shelves (meaning a book can only be listed on one of these) for: books I’ve read, books I’m currently reading, books I want to read, books my oldest daughter wants to get from the library, my own books, books on my review shelf, books I’m going to pick back up again later
    • I have additional shelves for each year (i.e., 2012 books I’ve read) and also for books I want to get from the library
  • To check out what some of my favorite readers and reviewers are reading
  • To see what other people have to say about books I’m dabbling in (reading, considering reading, or evaluating)

You might love Goodreads if:

  • You love reading
  • You want to organize books you’ve read or books you want to read (or something else related to books)
  • You want to connect with other people who love to read
  • You’re looking for a good book
If you’re on Goodreads, find me there.

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  1. I’m on Goodreads, but I haven’t updated mine in, probably, a YEAR or more. I do get email updates and some of those become my reading list 🙂
    They have an APP for that?? Now I’ll be hooked on it again. Thanks!

    • I actually started it after one of our summer reading lists at our local library, Alicia. So yeah, love that it’s a digital way to keep track of books. Love LOVE LOVE!!!!!

    • See, that’s just crazy, Steven. Adding all your old reviews? But…it will be helpful to all those other people who don’t read as much or as widely as you do. I commend you for your thoughtfulness. I am sure to benefit! 🙂

  2. I have a GoodReads account – and a list of books that I meticulously shape and trim like an obsessed pageant mom. Thanks to the site’s accounting, I know that if I read at my normal rate, I will be through my current book list when I’m 90.

    I have to either read faster or stop making friends with authors. 🙂

  3. I really like Goodreads!! It is helpful in keeping track of the books I want to read, and it’s fun to see what I HAVE read! I am still trying to figure out if it would be a good place to keep track of my kids’ books. I just wonder, though, if it would get too complicated with each child’s list … Perhaps just a Word file for that would be better? I don’t know …

  4. My favorite feature of this app? You can SCAN A BOOK’S BAR CODE and put the book in any list you want. I’m totally using this today when I go to Barnes & Noble for my daughter’s tutoring appointment. Instant wish list!

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