Small Success Thursday: As Satisfying as Tiramisu!


Small Success Thursday

Much of summer can be measured in ice cream cones, fireflies caught, books read and stollen moments of play that don’t have the opportunity to unfold during the business of the school year. This past week was filled with that blessed sort of stickiness that comes with the three hotest months of the year.

1) we read books.
2) we took walks in the cool of the evening.
3) half my family took a trip to see family.
4) the other half stayed at home and three of the girls and I saw Brave
5) had a shopping day with the girls to get ready for the wedding.
6) followed up by a shopping day with the boys for the same reason.
7) finished the first full draft of a project that has been five years in the making. Now the hard part of editing gets serious.

Now it’s your turn. Hope it was as satisfying and fun a week for you as the new threat to my diet, Tiramisu ice cream.

Leave your list on your blog and list your blog in the comments or leave your small successes in the comment section itself and thanks for being part of Small Success Thursday!

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  1. Honestly, my biggest success for the past week was simply getting through it. A lot didn’t get done, but I had so much on my plate and looking back at what I DID accomplish was good for me. But the highlight of the week was spending an awesome afternoon with my teenage son yesterday, talking, going out for tea and going thrift store shopping. Life is blessed!

  2. Yeah for everyone’s successes, they don’t sound so small! I was able to each lunch with a friend yesterday, what fun! That motivated me to get a job done that should have been accomplished a month ago, better late than never! I’ve been doing a better job of watering the garden and flowers this year, of course we have had so little rain that if I didn’t everything would be dead, not just a little droopy.

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