The New Evangelization: Why Do We Need It?


Justin Stroh, is an amazing Catholic speaker and podcaster that I listen to on one of my favorite podcasts, Catholic Vitamins.  His ministry is focusing on “The New Evangelization” of the Catholic Church.  Right now he is discussing the recently released document from the USCCB called, “Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization”  In this document, which is only 26 pages, the bishops cover the condition of the Catholic Church today and what we need to do to get her back up to where she should be with her believers.

For starters, in our current situation only 23% of Catholics attend Mass each week, below are the many reasons why the other 77% didn’t.  Surprisingly, it’s not due to current controversial issues.

One of the most important thing we need to be doing as Catholic parents is spending time with our families, especially and most importantly on Sundays!  You can listen to Justin’s mini podcast, part 1/6 here

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Ebeth Weidner, a Master Catechist and cradle Catholic who considers herself a Catholic information junkie, writes from her heart about the faith and hope she finds in the Catholic Church. She is the author of “A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars” blog. She is the wife of a research science Professor and mom to 3 great young adults people living on the coastal side of North Carolina.


  1. Just requesting a clarification about the labels for this graph. Do the responses indicate the frequency with which responders MISSED Mass, or ATTENDED it?

  2. This is something that I, too, have noticed. There are also people who have been raised as Christmas and Easter Catholics and think that it is normal and okay to only attend Mass twice per year. We need to raise awareness and get our loved ones to Mass!

  3. I’m always amazed that when I put prayer into my busy schedule that it slows the world down a bit. When I rush and forget or ignore prayer time, then everything speeds up even more. People would probably find more peace if they slowed down a little to attend. Good study.

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