A Few Good Priests


I firmly believe we are in a time where great saints will be made. And not just a few known around the world, but possibly in your own parish right now. We are at a time when we either stick with the church or turn from it. It takes courage to stand with the Church now.

But we can’t do it without our priests. Yes, a few have given the church and the priesthood a bad name. And as our priest said in today’s homily – those priests deserve justice. Without a doubt.
But there are so many unsung heroes in the Church – much more than the few who hurt the Church and its members. Our parish has been blessed with great priest after great priest. For me just their dedication, humility and faithfulness speaks the truth about what our Church is and what it stands for.

When you go to Church today – or any Sunday, listen to what your priest is saying to you. What message is he delivering to you in the Homily? What is Jesus saying to you in the Eucharist?  Yes, there are some “bad priests” out there and they will be held liable – to society and worse – to God.

However, there are many more here serving God justly and faithfully. Yes, there are more than just a “Few Good Priests” out there. They will lead us through the tough times which are imminent. They will help carve the great saints of our time.

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