When Does He Need Us?


When does Jesus need us?

So yet again, writing is slow. In truth, not only is writing slow, but our lives are busy, which in turn puts typing to the back burner. I suppose I’ve grown accustomed to writing only when the need arises, when inspiration hits, and not when a certain number of days go by. So, if you are a regular reader, please know this: I write pathetically when I am uninspired or under pressures for a deadline. Writing for me, is a kind of self-help, a therapy to process information, to keep a sincere record of how my family touches my heart, and at times, simply to express a kind of gratitude for the life God has chosen for me.

This post, is more of a reflection, I can already see this flowing from my finger tips already….

My Knight experienced something very special for him, and while he only said, “Well, I was glad to have been paying attention,” My mind, of course, as a reflective person, went soaring.

My Knight, while serving for Mass, used his paten to catch a falling Eucharist during Communion. He was quick, attentive and has been trained well. As we talked with him later, all I could think to tell him, “You never know when Jesus needs you, and you should be ready at any time.” And of course, his mother, sits and begins a multitude of reflections on being attentive myself.

Is this how I live my own life? How can I teach something to my own child, about being ready when Jesus needs him, and then never sincerely look at if I live this same virtue. Am I ready? Am I ready only when I want to be ready, only when it suits me, and not exactly at the moment that Jesus needs me?

And when does He need me?

How do I know when He needs me?

As a Mother, our service may not be at the side of the altar, as my son, however, our service to others, to our husband, to our children, is where Jesus needs us to be. Our listening ears for how the Holy Spirit is prompting us is where Jesus needs us to be. Our movement to action is where He waits for us. Ours is a life of service, just as that altar server, a life dedicated to being ready, to staying alert, attentive, patient and loving for those who rely on all these virtues on a daily basis.

Jesus needs us to be just as attentive as that altar server, just as alert, so that those we do serve, will be that much better prepared to handle the many ways that Jesus is calling them as well.

Don’t be fooled, our timing is never God’s….and God’s timing never seems to be good timing for us. When the two align, and God’s plan becomes united with our own, this, this is when we are acting exactly when He needs us. But a certain amount of discernment to determine God’s call, is necessary, to be that ready and alert takes practice, not only practicing the action, but the listening for when God is asking us to act.

The listening part can be so difficult in this day and age. So much can fill our ears and eyes, that we rarely can contemplate where God is nudging us, showing us where He needs us. For my altar server, he knew, saw and acted. For us, as Mothers, it just might not be that visible, that obvious. Quiet contemplation and self-reflection can be a great tool. Sometimes, it’s a settling of oneself to be able to see what is actually going on around, and respond as Jesus needs us to respond. And then making a habit of finding this exact kind of peace and joy, in order to tend and respond to everyone we meet with love.

So much franticness, running here and there, accomplishing all that we need to do, and yet, do we see who we ran over to get there? Do we ever look in the rear view?

Have I seen who God puts in my path, and how God will chose a particular moment for me to act, on His behalf. Have I seen that moment as a slice of grace, an opportunity to live, working His will for me. Or do these moments slip by me, as I wasn’t paying attention, when I was distracted, when I was consumed by my own agenda, and not what God needed. How have I failed Him and his expectations, and how have I demonstrated my readiness?

Lord, knowing the many demands we have every day, help us to slow to a point, where we can respond to your moments of grace more effectively. Help us to stay on top of the many demands of our vocation, yet, alert and ready for where you nudge us, and need us to give of ourselves to others we meet. Show us when you need us, as it’s difficult, Lord, to be always listening, when this world can infiltrate so aggressively.

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